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Stress Relieving Activities for this Midterm Week

Edited by: Maya Haidar (UG2020)

1. Sleep

You may have multiple papers to write and many exams to take but for your brain to function, you must have sufficient sleep. Every human needs at least 8 hours of sleep, which for students is impossible during mid sem week. To reiterate, you need to sleep!


2. Colour

Colouring maybe an activity for small kids but since 2015, the craze of colouring books for adults has returned. These adult colouring books are your go-to stress busters this finals week. Their intricate designs and the coloured markers lure you in. Whenever you pick up a colouring book you feel a sense of being away from your laptop screens.


3. Music

Plugging in the headphones and blasting music is the easiest way to escape finals’ stress. The beats, the lyrics and the meanings behind the song are the best ways to escape. Also, listening to instrumental and soft music can rejuvenate your brain cells.

4. Physical Activity

The Delhi smog might be killing you but being a couch potato can add to your fatigue. Take out 30 minutes from your schedule to soak in the beauty of nature. You could play a game or just dance for half an hour to warm up your body as well as your eyes.


5. Time Management

Managed time is a huge stress reliever. If you make schedules and work according to your plan, then you can reduce your stress by half. Make sure to leave enough space to breathe on your time table.

6. Drink Tea

Tea relaxes your muscles and your mind. Have a warm cup of your favourite flavour and chat with your friends. Friends and tea will give you the calm vibes you need to help you write your papers with ease.


7. Family

Talk to your family. Have a chat with your brother or sister and find out about their day. Going back to your family and having a conversation with them is the ultimate way to relax.


8. Journaling

Trying to compose those haywire thoughts? The best way to calm yourself down is by journaling. Put all your energy into writing what muddles up your brain. You never know when your journal might find the answer you are looking for.

9. Meditate

Yoga and meditation can balance one’s energy. It even helps in circulating the energy positively to the entire body. Meditation helps in diverting your mind from evil thoughts and facilitates clearer thinking.

I hope you overcome all your stress and face midterm week bravely!

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