That One Thing I should NOT have been told about my Gender

Have you ever been told: "Keep your emotions bottled up! Come on dude you are a guy, how can you cry?" or something like "You are an 18-year-old girl and you don't even know how to cook!?

'That one thing' is the one thing that you feel you should not have been told about your gender. It is that one thing you find really problematic and are better off without.

We invited students of Ashoka University to pick up the banner 'That one thing I should not have been told about my gender' and complete the sentence with their experience. We knew that no one owed us any narrative of their experience and one line probably cannot explain the impact that one thing might have had on them. 

However, we wanted to speak up because in the end, we are not alone and it is more than okay to not fit in within the rigid guidelines of society.

The video has been created and edited by Ritvik Sharma.