New First Years

As we entered a new academic year, we were greeted by some odd 500 new faces! Has the campus become over-crowded? Have they brought about a lot of positive changes on campus in terms of the infrastructure and academic curriculum? Read on to discover the top changes we've observed around campus over the last 5 weeks!


1. It’s become so much more crowded

Did you like lazing around in the empty lawns with your friends every weekend? Or hitting the gym at that sweet time when you know there would be very few people there?

A new batch of some 500-odd students has definitely changed that. Our definition of a ‘deserted campus’ every weekend has changed drastically with this influx.


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2. There are longer lines at the mess

You remember that feeling when you would get done with class at 1.20 and hungrily head to the mess to grab a bite but were met with the longest of lines at the counter? Yeah, we had all been there.

But from this semester, we have to brace ourselves for even longer lines and waiting periods for our rotis, jalebis, and bhaturas because the new kids have to eat, too!

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3. Double Double, there’s Wi-Fi Trouble!

The Ashokan WiFi has the knack for stirring up connectivity problems right when we’re trying to register for courses or submit last-minute assignments. Of course, the TeX Ministry was looking to increase the bandwidth before the next batch of students came along, but nonetheless, Wi-Fi issues have persisted.

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The new kids coming in isn't all bad news, though!


4. Our Fests and Social Events are going to be a lot livelier!

More people on campus means more people to participate in Open Mic/Dance Nights, more people to join societies and put up kick-ass performances, and more people to energize our annual fests!

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5. You get to meet a lot more people and discover new ideas

Every single person at Ashoka comes with their own views and talents, so a new batch of 500 students has definitely added to that mix in the most creative of ways!

They have come in with their own goals and will mold the community for the better, using methods that we may not have been aware of. Guiding and interacting with these freshmen can be an out-of-classroom learning experience mixed with a lot of socializing and fun!


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6. The freshmen will change the University in ways we could not

Get ready for a whole new bunch of conversations, mass email threads, societies, open meetings, and policies! The new kids on the block will definitely change some aspect of Ashoka, if not because of anything other than the size of the batch and its impact on the campus population. They’ve already helped us in changing the  course registration system!


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Edited by Rangoli Gupta