Jashn-e-Jazba 2017: A True Success!

Jashn-e-Jazba, Ashoka’s clubs and societies showcase was characterised by the pre-event excitement and countless practices which eventually brought together an intense and enjoyable 2-day experience for its audience which truly lived up to its promise of Jashn. From Siyahi’s beautiful artwork to Abhinaya’s mesmerising performances, all the events in Jashn-e-Jazba had an essence of their own, and they managed to bring the student audience a world away from pending deadlines and the stress of academics.


There was no way that this event escaped anyone’s attention. From the countless emails flooding everyone’s inboxes, to the rush of people grabbing meals between their all-night practices, Jashn-e-Jazba held great promises for all the prospective attendees.

Siyahi at Jashn-e-Jazba 

(By: Viraj Malani)


For those whose days begin at 1 pm, after the classic Uni-student all-nighters, Siyahi brought a whole new meaning to morning blues. On the first day of Jashn-e-Jazba, 9th November, an exhibition by the Art Society was set up on the first floor of the mess. Based on the theme ‘blue’, artists took brushes to paper, and used marble painting and printing to express what the colour meant to them.


Simultaneously, Sandhi, the vernacular languages club, conducted an activity where people were split into groups in which they held conversations in their regional languages. This is especially relevant in the Ashokan context, where everyone traces home down different routes on the world map and where many mother-tongues are spoken only in select groups, and don’t make their way to others.


Apart from these, the Rotaract Club, Caperture and CfE (Centre for Entrepreneurship) held their own events between the same time span as the above, closing the day-events of Jashn-e-Jazba at 2:45 pm.

Caperture's annual showcase

(By: Viraj Malani)


The evening began with a two-hour musical event. From a-cappella and choir to solo singers and bands, Vistaar skilfully covered a variety of performative styles. This helped strike a balance that removed the possibility of predictability. Some of the performers were on stage for the first time, and wonderfully executed their pieces, making them indistinguishable from the experienced performers.

Vaishnavi Sreenivas (UG'18) during her rendition of 'To Be Human' by Sia

(By: Punyasloka Panda)


Immediately following Vistaar was Red Brick Words, the spoken word club at Ashoka, which showcased two poems. The first poem was inspired by ‘The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows’, and the second was based on the question- ‘Where do all the lost things go?’ The poems had elements of gravity, wit, nostalgia and hope, blending together to evoke a medley of emotions.

Yashi Jain (UG'18) and her girls with their impeccable dancing skills at Jashn

(By: Punyasloka Panda)


Then came Abhinaya, the dance society, which began with a soulful classical Indian performance, and then moved onto multiple other styles. Abhinaya showcased fusions of styles that were treats for the eyes. This was followed by a session with the CMGGA (Chief Minister's Good Governance Associates), which provided an insight into the Government of Haryana, and facilitated an interaction between the students and the government associates.

Abhinaya mesmerised everyone with their grace and poise

(By: Punyasloka Panda)


The AUISA (Ashoka University International Students Association) then took the stage by storm with some heart-stopping poetry and fantastic commentary by Dabwitso Zumani Phiri. It grew more crowd-pleasing with a brilliant fashion show followed by a rap song. It then wrapped up with a video on the upcoming Ubuntu festival in 2018, closing with a standing ovation from the audience.


Simultaneously, the Anime Club held a movie screening and the gaming club, R3SPAWN conducted a gaming night with Tekken 7, Bomb Squad and free snacks, with some onlookers joining the event.

Kirdaar's promotion of their event at the annual showcase got everyone riled up in anticipation


The night concluded in perhaps the most apt manner, with Kirdaar, the theatre club, putting up a performance that tied together all the events of the day, the theme being, ‘If Clubs Were People’. The play was witty and relatable, and it elicited a positive response from the audience, who laughed so much that, at times, the words of the performers were drowned out.


The next day was strung together with a new set of events, including Ruhi’s food contests, Shabd and Meri Dastan’s story sessions, and the Curator’s creative space.

The Curator, Ashoka’s literary and lifestyle magazine, created an ambience conducive to writing, with fairy lights, mattresses and good music. They provided food and stationery, and designed a space which allowed the easy flow of creative expression. Meri Daastan’s (the story-telling club) event involved people sharing tales of how they came to Ashoka. Shabd’s (the book club) story telling event was a competition between four people who had been chosen after a pre-event selection round via email. After this, the event progressed to a discussion on books and their movie adaptations. The results of the competition are yet to be announced.

The team behind Her Campus at Ashoka's first event 'Kaun Banega CampusPro'


Ashoka’s Her Campus chapter also held an event in Jashn-e-Jazba on Friday. Called Kaun Banega CampusPro after the popular Indian television show, Kaun Banega Crorepati (Who will be a Millionaire), this game involved posing questions about the campus to four teams to see which one knew Ashoka best. Much like the television show, the contestants were provided lifelines such as ‘phone a friend’ and ‘audience poll’. It was a refreshing activity which brought Ashokans together in an enjoyable way.


Overall, Jashn-e-Jazba was a success, leaving most of the attendees satisfied with their experience. However, some events would probably have had a greater number of participants if they had been spaced out evenly across the day instead of being held at the same time. Despite this, it lived up to much of the expectations, making it two days of absolute energy, passion and enthusiasm. Here’s to the performers and the audiences and all the people who pulled these events together, who have raised the bar for the events that shall follow Jashn-e-Jazba 2017!

Edited by Vasudha Malani