Edited by: Pragyna Divakar (UG 2020)

Isn’t it strange how we evolve as individuals because of other people around us? Isn’t it worth thinking about how we change ourselves because of the people we meet? Isn’t it interesting to think about how people in our life affect us even without us realising it?

In our lives we all meet a person or a group of people who change us for good and make us a better person than we were. We call encounter that one human who comes in our life as a stranger but eventually becomes an important part of our life, who knows us better than we know ourselves. This person could be your teacher, your friend, your parents, your partner or even a pet.


two persons forming love fingers

Photo by Tyler Nix


Even among all these there is one special friend who teaches us the most and makes us take decisions that we are unable to take. I met this friend while on a competition, but what is interesting is that we didn’t talk for an year. It was by chance that we started talking, and from a long distance internet friend he became the most important human in my life. He has made me identify qualities that I didn’t know existed, overcome my weaknesses and most importantly, taught me how to love myself.

Here are a few things that my special friend did for me

Encourage me –

One of the biggest things that he did for me was to encourage me in every step of my life. From teaching me to believe in myself to supporting me in all my decisions, this person has always been a constant source of encouragement and motivation.

Behavioral change –

I feel I am a better and nicer person than I was before I met him. He has taught me how to be calm and patient. One of the most important things he has taught me is how to forgive those whom you love.

Negative to positive thoughts –

A few years ago, I was that person who was filled with negative thoughts about everything, especially about myself but because of this person in my life, my thoughts have taken a positive turn and boosted my self-confidence.

Belief about other things —

I think most of us would agree that our friends have introduced us to a new TV show, food items, an author or a genre of music, which eventually became your favourite. I was introduced to Game of Thrones by my friend and I cannot thank him enough. Not only this, sometimes, they also help you to look at the world in a different and a better way. For example,  you may think that reservations are bad as it takes the opportunity from the deserving but they might be able to make you accept that it is actually needed for those who have suffered in the past.

Improvements in health –

Research has shown that having a good friend in your life improves your health as you become adapted to healthier things easily and your body can heal itself faster when you have the support of your friends. Talking about health, because my mind was at peace and happy after meeting him, my health considerably improved.  


silhouette photo of six persons on top of mountain

Photo by Chang Duong


For some people such drastic changes because of another human being might not be a good idea, but for me this is the best thing that could have ever happened and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

We all have such a friend in our lives, all we need to do is find that person and acknowledge their efforts, because not every friend teaches you how to be good and it is an opportunity to cherish. And once you have identified this person for yourself, make sure you never lose him/her because you might not realise but they are an important reason for what you are today and you don’t want to lose people who have shaped you.