Highlights of Banjaara 2.0

Ashoka’s cultural fest, Banjaara 2.0 is around the corner. As the preparations begin in full swing, we would love to give you a sneak peek into what's new this Banjaara, and why you shouldn't miss it. Designed on the theme, memory lane, the organizers will attempt to take you back to the golden days of childhood- life of awesomeness and no worries. A two-day event aimed at making you nostalgic with its events full of entertainment, enjoyment, and amazement. Let us see what the main highlights of the events are:

  1. Artists:

The first highlight of Banjaara is the artists who are visiting the campus for a wonderful musical event. The first team of artists is Parekh & Singh. Parekh & Singh are an India dream pop duo from the city of Kolkata. This duo consists of Nishchay Parekh and Jivraj Singh, who will be a great delight to listen to. The next artist to perform the musical show is Raghav Meattle. Raghav is a singer, a song writer and semi finalist of the second season of the Reality show, “The Stage”. He will be entertaining all the participants and students with his simple and catchy music. There is also another artist whose performance is being kept a secret by the organizers. In order to know who she or he is, you need to register and enjoy this bunch of amazing music performances.

   2. Social Impact:

 As a part of social impact, the organizers are planning various activities which have been carried out and will be carried out at the event. The first responsibility taken by the Banjaara team is to save the environment. They plan to have a minimum waste generation and ensure sustainable development. The team is organizing sessions for faculties and students to let them know how waste can be reused and reduced. Also, taking into account social responsibility, a haat is being organized for all the local sellers and local vendors to promote their art. In terms of events, banjaara organized a social session called Human library; students were given another human being as a book and they had to share their stories. This took many students back to their childhood days and made them nostalgic. Another event is with an NGO called Mind Piper where students will be made aware about mental illness through a game. The team also organized a learning series with Ruhi, the society which is aiming to teach basic English to didis and bhaiyyas on campus.

    3. Formal Events and Cash Prizes:

The next highlight of Banjaara are the events being conducted. There are dance events like Dhadkan, stage plays like Nukkad Natak, and music events like Unplugged. These events are open for all universities to participate and will involve exciting cash prizes. So gear up if you want to win cash!

      4. Themes and Informal Events:

The informal events will have childhood games like treasure hunt, Simon says, pen fight championship, snowball fight, cartoon quiz, prank war, theme song karaoke etc. The informal events have been specially organized along the theme of the event, i.e. memory lane. These events promise fun, entertainment, and nostalgia. It will certainly bring many memories back from childhood and students can re-experience their childhood again through this events.

And that's not it! The events will be sporadic and will have much more to it than just the aforementioned descriptions. So, do not miss the chance to be a part of this amazing experience.Here’s the link, https://my.banjaara.in/.

Edited By: Priyanka Shankar