6 Things To Do If You Are At Home This Summer

Summer is the best time to spend time with yourself and your family. It is also the best time to rejuvenate your health and take care of the troubles you have been facing and there is no better way for doing this than by staying at home, iced tea in hand and sitting in your favourite corner of the house.

The top things you ought to do this summer if you are home-

1. Catch up on missed sleep - Sleep is something we absolutely neglect in college and it is essential for us and our health. Once you reach the solace of your home and the warmth of your own bed, all you have to do is sleep. The wrath of the finals week will make you sleepy enough to achieve a normal sleep cycle.

2. Eat those nutrients -  Mess food or food from the outlets on campus does fill your stomach but does it actually fill your nutrient requirements? This summer when you go home eat all the nutrients you can. This also fulfills your need for the comfort of home food that you missed.

3. Binge Watch - Once you have got your sleep and food cycles in order, it is time to binge watch movies or TV shows. But try not doing it alone this time. Watch it with your parents or siblings or maybe even your best friend.

4. Read - All of us have a pile of books that we want to read yet we do not find time to in the semester. Well here is your chance to read the long of list of books that are meant to be read. To stay in touch with the world check out a bookstore near you and try and make a book pal.

5. Spend Time with loved ones - Spend your time with your loved ones. Do not lock your selves up in your room and ignore the people around you. You might not have missed them but they sure did miss you, so respect that.

6. Continue your hobbies - In the hustle-bustle of college and exams, we forget our hobbies. Summer is the best time to go back to doing what you love and enjoy the most. Maybe get out those pens and papers and work to your heart’s content.

Hope these summer tips make you feel better about yourself and prepare you well for another semester of work.

Edited by Priyanka Shankar

Images curated by Viraj Malani