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Tips and Tricks to Love Yourself

Loving one’s self has been a constant struggle for almost everyone at some point in their life, most likely since the dawn of time. It is so important to be able to love yourself and to accept yourself for who you are. We all realize this, but admittedly, it is hard to change! The “Self Help” section of your local bookstore is no doubt stocked full of numerous selections to help you in the area of self-love. But, to get you started on the right path, here are several tips and tricks:


1.        Pamper yourself once in a blue moon: Loving yourself begins when you’re feeling good and who isn’t feeling good after a nice hot bath and a great face mask? Search Pinterest for a DIY facial and hair mask, and once you wash those babies out your skin will be glowing and your hair will shine bright! You will look and feel like the goddess you know you are! (Oh, and I highly recommend doing this more often than once in a blue moon.)


2.        Acceptance: Once you accept the fact that neither you nor anyone else is perfect, your love for yourself will grow exponentially. Start accepting the fact that everyone, yes absolutely everyone, has flaws and areas they wish they could change about themselves. Start accepting that zits and greasy hair are bound to happen at some point in your life; don’t let that ruin your day! Accept it and move on.


3.        Stop comparing yourself to others: This is a biggie! Every day as of immediately, try to make a conscious effort not to compare yourself to others. Each time you feel that twinge of jealousy, make an effort to push those negative thoughts away and accept that you will never look like them but hey is that really a bad thing? We are all beautiful because we are all different. Why would we want to look like someone else?


4.        Remembrance: While you begin on the journey to fully loving and accepting yourself for who you are, just remember looks aren’t everything, and in fact they are just a minutiae part of life. Looks will not last but your mind surely will. So be sure to expand your mind, and your world will expand all the more because of it.


Edited by: Meryl Engle

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