The Ten 90s Movies and Their Corresponding College Majors

90s movies are iconic movies that have been able to shape our lives and the life of the entertainment industry. With their unique characters and original storylines, each acclaimed 90s film can present their specific message. With each different note, there is the corresponding theme that can be associated with the topics of a given college major.  


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This popular blockbuster movie series follows the lives of people who visit a theme park on an island specifically made for interaction with dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are created from prehistoric DNA, which is why Jurassic Park’s corresponding college major would be biology. Without biology and understanding all living things DNA we would never even know creating this movie would be logical and would be a hit.


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The main character, Cher, is all about the way she presents herself. Whether that means through the way she dresses or how she interacts with others in her social life. In the movie, Cher first plays matchmaker with two teachers and then moves onto her next mission, giving the quirky new girl, Tai, a makeover. How the movie depicts the need to be able to communicate and stand confidently in social situations is what makes communications the perfect corresponding major for this film. 


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With all the conflict between leaders that is shown in the Lion King, it makes sense that their corresponding major is political science. With the battle over being the ruling king between Simba, the heir to his father, Mufasa, and Mufasa’ evil brother, Scar, it makes sense that learning about politics and political behavior would benefit all three key players. Without learning about how to be a good leader from his friends, Timon and Pumbaa, Simba would never have been ready to go against Scar and succeed.


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This Looney Tunes film can present the game of basketball and the different risk and rewards that go into sports in a lovely and comical manner. When an evil alien theme park owner needs a new attraction, he orders his workers to head to Earth to kidnaps Bug Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes. To determine their fate, Bugs challenge them to a game of basketball. With sports there comes risks and rewards, Loony Tunes can discuss this in a humorous way which is why sports management is Space Jam’s corresponding major.


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Edward Scissorhands is a 1990 film about a scientist that created an artificial man named Edward, a man who has scissor blades instead of hands. The scientist abandoned his project before he’s able to develop Edward’s hands, and shortly after, Edward is taken to live in the suburbs. As the movie progressed, Edward learns how to cope with his troubled and lonely feelings through art. Without art, Edward would have never found an outlet for his lost emotions, which is why fine arts is seen as the corresponding college major for this film.


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When 8-year-old Kevin MacCallister finds out that his family has left on a family vacation without him and that two con men are planning to rob his home, he must come up with a way to figure out his situation. Kevin can create kid-like, but intricate contraptions that can stop the two con men from robbing his home. Without his creative mind filled with inventions and clever ways to stop the men, they would have been able to rob from his house. If Kevin kept continuing this way, I am sure you would see him studying engineering at a well-known university. 


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If you ever wanted to know a fun fact about the late 90’s film, 10 Things I Hate About You, it would be this: it is based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. Because of that, this film’s corresponding major would have to be English. Through Bianca’s creative poetry and her friend’s obsession with Shakespeare, English plays a significant role in the making of this film.


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Forrest Gump has always been a favorite story based on the slow-witted Forest Gump who never thought of himself as disadvantages and lives a life as if he wasn’t. His insight on himself can be seen through his college days where he was a football star or fighting in Vietnam or captaining a shrimp boat. Forrest Gump has been commonly expressed a good film that provokes the discussion of events in American History, which is why American History is its corresponding college major.


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Mrs. Doubtfire’s corresponding college major would be education because of thee valuable lessons on childhood, family, and learning it depicts in the film. In the movie, divorced Daniel Hillard is troubled that he has little access to his children and develops a plan to dress as an older British woman and convince his ex-wife to hire him as a nanny. Through Daniel’s time as a nanny, his ability to create a beautiful nanny persona allows him to win over his family and helps him become a better father. Although his plan is short-lived, his nanny persona is not, and Daniel is given a chance to star as it in a children’s educational TV program. Without the persona of a nanny that is ready to care, love, and educate children, Daniel’s life would still be in the same place it was in the beginning.


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At the beginning of Good Will Hunting, the audience can tell that there is something bottled up inside the main character, Will Hunting. He has a genius-level IQ but chooses to work as a janitor at MIT. Through his new relationship with Professor Gerald Lambeau, who’s impressed by Will’s talents in math, he is pushed to get treatment from a local therapist. Psychology is Good Will Hunting’s corresponding major because this film can teach us essential lessons with mental health care, even when that topic was way before its time.