Medicine as a Global Perspective

Sometimes it can be hard to realize the bigger picture. There are more and more instances where healthcare professionals forget about why they set out to become a doctor in the first place. After the many years of schooling and an insane amount of stress an individual goes through to become a doctor, selfishness can come into play. Sure everyone’s reason to become a doctor is to “help others”, but is that what is really happening? It’s important to think about why we are here. Everyone’s reason is different. But one thing for sure is that we are all here together, and the advancements we have made together are unbelievable. As we all continue to live our separate lives, it’s important to start putting aside one’s selfishness and thinking about life as a blessing in which we are able to grow and use different strengths of all individuals to move the world in a direction of continuous growth.

It’s important to start thinking of health in a global perspective.  Professionals have started to view a patient as just a chart, which can take a toll on the care a patient needs and receives. Without proper medical care, it can almost be impossible for a patient to survive. Healthcare has sparked much debate in the past few years, and I feel like it shouldn’t be something that can be improvised. Everyone deserves to live a healthy life, without the stress of money coming in between. This compromises a community’s welfare, which further compromises the world. Without proper healthcare and caring about a community, rather than an individual, we look at a world without the risk of disease transmission and spread. The concept of medicine is connected with politics, for example, social justice. With all the negativity in the world nowadays, it's important to view individuals as part of a community. One of my favorite poems, "Ghazal for Global Health", by Ali M. Tahvildari, MD, highlights the world today. He says “We have far more than we need, but, not more than we can share today. Alas. it does not have to end like this- if only enough of us would care today”. I believe that healthcare in a global perspective can help communities thrive and be the base of the welfare of a community as a whole.