Life as a Collegiate Journalist

Life as a journalist is never easy. I consider contacting sources a full-time job in itself. When you throw in-class assignments and social life, it can be overwhelming. Here are 5 thoughts I have about life as a student journalist.

1. It is different from the high school experience I am a New Jersey native. New Jersey is not of the states that have high school free press. School administrators heavily regulated all content. The transition to real life journalism is refreshing.

2. It is difficult to prioritize other academic work over journalism When I have to study for an art history exam, I have to remember that I need to do well in the class to benefit my overall GPA. The truth is I only want to focus on my career goals and forget about other subjects.

3. There are different career paths available to journalism majors I have thought about a career in public relations,  ghostwriting and, television production.

4. I have mixed feelings about attending Graduate School If I were to earn a Master's Degree, it would not be in journalism. Students can finish UA's Journalism Masters Program in two semesters. However, a lot of the courses are repeats of the Undergraduate classes. I would get a Master's Degree in Hospitality Management but, that is a story for another day.

5. You have to develop thick skin The public holds collegiate journalists to the same standards as anyone else. I had to learn to develop a professional mindset from the beginning. However, I never justify to others why I choose the path I did.