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Coping Skills: A 420 Alternative

420 (April 20) was 2 days ago. 2018 is the first year I have understood the context of April 20. I browsed YouTube videos as I usually do on Friday’s. I came across a video about 420 then I heard some sentences living in my dorm talking about the subject. I want 420 to  shift to a day of “healthy coping skills awareness.” I understand that parties are enjoyable but, the line between fun, danger and, crime can be thin. Also, legal drugs can cause people to become lazy. You might think you are trying something “just once” but remember once turns to twice and before you know it you cannot stop. One more thing, never use substances to cope. Okay enough with the short lecture. Now I want to offer some alternatives.

1. Get some Exercise Go for a walk alone or with a friend. When you see positive results, you want to have an awareness of your accomplishments. When you are body positive, your mind will follow.

2. Find an activity you enjoy Do something you enjoy or start doing something you never have. Better yet, value the people you do the event with, and it will be more fun.

3. Think about a positive future Think of your ideal life scenario. Ask yourself if you are there yet. If you are not what do you have to do to get to that point? Also, who do you want in your future? Always live in the present but, strive every day to create the life you deserve.

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