College Lifestyle

Panicking over how to decorate your apartment or dorm? Not sure what do to about that long cable wire taking up space in your room? Look no further! Here are some creative ideas to spice up your apartment, and give you easy college lifestyle hacks.


1.  Take out that old crafting box and use leftover ribbons to tie up stray wires around your room. You don’t need a lot of ribbon, and your room will instantly look more organized, and colorful!

2. Use an old school glass bottle or Mason jar to create a shabby-chic vibe in your living quarters. This simple item can take your room from boring to fabulous. These are useful for flowers, pencils, or even makeup brushes! Easy to find at your local craft store.

3. Grab some old yarn or string lying around the house and string it along your wall to create an awesome hanging space for your pictures. Decorating clothes pins and putting them on top of the pictures makes the pictures pop even more!

4. Take a field trip to your local hardware store and grab some small copper fittings.

·      Put ketchup in the copper bowls to create a protective layer around the edge of the fitting.

·      Put soil in the bowl, and pop some seeds into the soil

·      Water daily, and watch them grow!

These copper bowls are perfect for apartment living, they stand out and are extremely easy to maintain.