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Campus Celebrity: Lauren Lindahl

After studying abroad this summer in Europe, Lauren Lindahl, a student at the University of Arizona and a hockey team intern, is starting to get back into her normal routine. She grew up around hockey, making this internship with U of A’s hockey team the perfect opportunity to get involved here on campus.

Age: 20

Major: Business Finance

Year: Sophomore

What is your favorite part of interning for the hockey team?

“Constantly being around such a great community. I grew up in a big hockey supporting community back in Minnesota, so I feel almost at home every time I help out with the games, or anything else. My other co-interns and even the players are now some of my best friends, so working with people you’re so close with makes it not even seem like a job”.

What are your everyday tasks for this internship?

“I attend every home game and participate in coordinating in between period events such as chuck a puck, shuffle puck, and other different fun activities that our sponsors have us do. I also am involved in marketing the tickets towards the student body, which is one of my main goals and objectives of the season. It’s sometimes hard getting the students to the games, because a lot of people don’t know we have a hockey team, but they always end up being die-hard fans upon leaving their first game”.

Do you travel with the team?

“No, but I have gone just as far as Phoenix to see them play against ASU earlier in the season”.

What is your favorite memory from being an intern for the hockey team?

“Last year at the first game I ever worked, I got put on the ice to put a sign right in the middle of the rink, which intended to be a target for the chuck a puck event. I was wearing boots, and I guess not good ones because I slipped on my back right when I got to the middle when the players were still getting off the ice! Everyone at the Tucson Convention Center laughed at me. Although it was embarrassing at the time, it was a funny moment that still gets brought up today”.

What is your dream career?

“I really want to use the experience I’ve gotten with the team and end up taking it to the pro level one day. I would love to get into ticket sale marketing for the NHL, and maybe link that to college campuses and helping them get involved one day. There’s a lot of steps for a girl to be taken seriously in that field of work, so I’m trying to get as much experience as I can throughout college”.

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