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What’s in an App State Student’s Bag?

There’s a record snowstorm at App this weekend, which for most students means hanging out with a warm cup of hot chocolate in their dorm or apartment, reading articles on Her Campus and — nah, we’re just kidding. If you’re looking for us Mountaineers, we’re probably hanging out on the ski slopes, sledding on the hills around App, or Instagramming our snowstorm pictures by now -- and there will be loads of pics by now. App State students share a common love for winter fun when it comes to living at an altitude of 3,333 feet — and we also tend to share some unifying traits in other areas, too. For example, our backpacks:

1. App students aren’t big on carrying much else, like a purse, preferring instead to carry what they need in a backpack that’s sporty enough to look like you could hit the trails with it, if need be.

2. Your second big item is probably going to be an ENO. They’re big on campus, and students of all kinds like to string up the hammock in between two trees somewhere and soak up the Blue Ridge Mountains’ better side. A top place is near the stairs that overlook the middle of Sanford Mall.


Photo by Spring Fed Images on Unsplash


3. The umbrella should probably be next. It’s basically a necessity at App, since our blue skies are always unpredictable. However, the umbrella is the kind of item that seems to be forgotten by nature, so there’s more likely to be an umbrella shaped space in your backpack when the rain finally does hit. Mourn it, and envy the more prepared students strolling around you with their Mary Poppins-esque umbrellas

4. Headphones go with college students like a Freudian word association test. We’re almost as attached to them as our cell phones, and they’re especially useful for riding the Appalcart — Boone’s public transportation system. The preferable band: Beats.

5. A touch-up makeup kit is probably one of the other small items in an App girl's bag. College life is rough, and it’s almost a guarantee that your all-day classes, finals, or that pesky mountain wind and snow will mess with your perfect makeup. Your best options: concealer for the foundation touch up; lip gloss to look fresher; and mascara to hide any fading eyeliner. KISS.


Photo by Hey Beauti Magazine on Unsplash


6. You have a notebook or two, sans textbooks. Most students don’t carry a ton of textbooks or notebooks in their bags, since it’s a lot of weight to take on the long walks across campus. Also, a textbook isn’t often necessary in class, so it’s usually best to leave it at home. Any App State student’s backpack will usually carry a few light notebooks, a single one with multiple dividers, or a Macbook.

7. The next item in a typical App State backpack is probably a computer or phone cord. After a long day on campus, it’s basically a guarantee that your devices are going to run out of battery. It’s pretty common to see a student hovering near an outlet on campus with a plugged in device, and this scenario doesn’t change much in class, either.

8. For the winter season, never go without earmuffs. Just don’t. Winter weather is too painful without them, and it’s not too hard to tuck them in a corner of your backpack or loop them over a strap.

Now you know what a typical Mountaineer backpack is made of. If you made it all the way to the end of this article and you actually live in the area -- what are you still doing reading this? Go outside! Enjoy the weather!


Pro tip: Don’t get lost in the blizzard.


Ariana Blackwood

App State '19

Ariana is an App State senior with a major in General Economics and a minor in Political Science. A forever mountain girl, her obsessions include: staring at the mountain views, free-styling to her fave music, and writing until 2 a.m.
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