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The #ThisBody Campaign

Lane Bryant is a plus sized clothing store for women who are sizes 14-16 and up. Lane Bryant has always been a company that pushed loving your curves. They have done campaigns in the past like #PlusIsEqual and the more recent #ImNoAngel which challenged the way Victoria Secret models were all one singular (and usually unobtainable) body shape.

I mean, lets be honest, food is bae and way better than those diets. 

The newest campaign in Lane Bryant’s arsenal of plus sized positive campaigns is the #ThisBody campaign. LB is using some pretty famous faces and some real life comments that have been left on their social media in order to examine the way people think about plus sized women. The spokeswomen include Orange is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks, model Ashley Grahm, and American Horror Story’s Gabourey Sidibe, just to name a few. Danielle Brooks’ description of the campign knocked it out of the park by saying:

“Let’s get real. This body is mine and I love it,” Brooks said. “This body is beautiful – and it’s a trending topic. Everybody has something to say. Some of it nice, some of it not. Say what you will, post what you want. My shine is too bright to block. It’s time to flip the script. It’s time to silence the shaming. Show the world that this body is beautiful. Live loud. Live proud. Love a lot. And work what you’ve got. Because honey, I’m one of a kind. I love this body. And this body has something to say.”

The message behind saying “this body” is that people assume what a plus size body is or does, but a plus sized woman can be or do anything that she wants. Ashely Grahm’s “this body” quote is: “This body is made to start a revolution.” She was the first plus sized model to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated this past spring. 

It is so important for companies like Lane Bryant to continue pushing this idea of body positivity when you’re plus sized. Let me just tell you that these women and the rest of the cast slay in every video and photo. They just ooze self confidence and this fire for life, and honestly, it made me want to join the party.  

My personal favorite part of the video was when someone asked Gabourey “how did she even get through the door?” She simply acted out opening a door and walking through it.

For some reason, in this country, plus sized women are treated as less than human and that has to stop. I think what makes this company stand alone in the plus sized world is that it makes no apologies for not including the typical size four that you usually see modeling clothes. The point of all of these campaigns is to remind PLUS SIZED women that they are beautiful and worthy.

It is so important for every woman to feel beautiful and loved, but not everyone remembers the plus size side of that. These women truly understand what it means to love yourself no matter what everyone else says and I think that’s a book we should all take a page from. So check out the video link and remember to.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjEYb_f7bJM





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