The Stages of Coming Back to School

Coming back to school after Winter Break is probably one of the hardest things to do. We just finished a tough semester of being bogged down by homework and finals, and we are just ready for some family time and nothing school related. This break is just a tease, though, because unlike Summer break, this one only lasts a month. We just get used to the feeling of being stress free and relaxed, just to get thrown back into the madness of Spring semester. 

Stage 1:

With Spring semester starting in January, everyone is still committed to their New Year's Resolutions, at least for a few weeks. The whole "new year, new me" saying takes on a whole new meaning when you come back to school. You swear that this is the semester you are going to do all of the reading for all of your classes, not procrastinate on your assignments, while still making time to go to the gym, socialize, and get a full night's sleep. Not to mention, you got all of these new skincare and makeup products for Christmas, taking self-care to a whole new level. Now you have to add in another 45 minutes to your daily routine. 

Stage 2:

Yeah, you have been gone for a whole month, so you definitely missed your friends. The whole Boone homecoming gets so hyped up that you almost forget about the amount of stress being at school brings you. You finally get to come back and squad up with your best gal pals and act like you have no cares in the world... Until school starts at least!

Stage 3:

The first day of classes. It is always a rush of anxiety when you hear the professor go on and on about this semester long project that you know you're going to wait until the week before finals to do or when you don't know a single person in one of your classes, which means you obviously can't skip any classes because who is going to send you the notes when you aren't there? That's the literal worst. But, at the end of the day, you go home and write all of the important dates in your planner because, as you said in your New Year's Resolution, this is YOUR year.

Stage 4: 

Now that we're a few weeks in, the workload is starting to ramp up and assignments are becoming due. You now have to choose between staying in and finishing an assignment due at midnight or going out to the Local with all of your friends. That isn't a fair decision and professors should know not to make deadlines on Local Thursdays, I mean, amirite?! But, that just goes to show, life isn't fair and now your New Years Resolution is going down the drain because you obviously chose to go to the Local instead...

Stage 5: 

So, since you went to the Local instead of doing your homework, you are now already falling behind with little hope of catching back up. You've neglected trying to do all the readings for every class because, let's be honest, that is just not plausible. You're already turning in assignments five minutes before the AsULearn time, so the whole, "No, I'm not going to procrastinate, I am done with that stage in my life," thing just is thrown out the window. Here's to hoping we don't drown this semester!