Simple Ways to Brighten Your Day


1. Plan an outfit for the next day before you go to sleep at night.

Mornings can be stressful with the pressure of getting out the door and on the way to class on time. Any small things that you can do the night before to ease your morning routine will help you feel less rushed. I make it a habit to check the weather every night before I sleep and in the morning when I wake up so that I can be mentally prepared for whatever storm system may be coming our way. Planning out an actual outfit will make you feel more confident in the morning and during the day. Plus, it’s always fun to mix up your wardrobe with creative combinations of old clothes.


2. Make time in the morning for breakfast.

I have noticed collegiettes are typically slack on eating breakfast in the mornings and this can be a huge downer on the rest of your day. Eating a light but nutritious breakfast before your first class of the day will help keep you focused in long lectures and give you energy to get through a busy schedule. Depending on how much time you have in the mornings, there’s always something that can be thrown together quickly and still taste great. My go to choice for a quick bite to eat is usually a bowl of quick cooking oats and a piece of fruit. If you’ve got time to spare, cook up an omelet packed with veggies and sprinkle with cheese!


3. Drink more tea!

Tea is not something that most collegiettes will jump up and down for or rave about to all their friends unlike its archrival, coffee. Nonetheless it has way less calories, is cheaper to make, can be prepared on the go, has natural antioxidants, and is hydrating while coffee is not. Fixing a warm cup of tea on the way to class in the winter is probably the perfect way to prepare yourself for the snow outside.

4. Write a clichéd quote in your planner every week.

Take an ordinary item like a planner or notebook, something that you use everyday, and transform it into something cute and fun by decorating it. Adding your own personalization to a simple item gives you a chance to be creative with what is normally a drab backpack accessory. It might seem silly but writing down a quote, phrase, or even a fortune cookie saying in your agenda is a nice way to remind yourself to slow down and appreciate what’s happening around you. I keep a fortune cookie paper taped to my laptop and every time I see it I’m reminded of something important to me.


5. Stop procrastinating.

Procrastination in itself is just a miserable thing and try as we might, we all fall victim every now and again. Despite my daily sticky notes of to-do lists, some things fall through the cracks and end up getting accomplished right at the last minute and usually in a sloppy manner. It’s time to stop putting off starting that paper due in a month, looking for your next summer job, or maybe you just really need to do your laundry! Whatever it is, doing it sooner rather than later will surely take a weight off your back. 

Image Sources: Tea Typography