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Self Care: Daily healing practices according to my favorite spiritual youtuber

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After fighting what seemed like an endless battle against mental illness, youtuber Hitomi Mochizuki is now known for sharing her spiritual experiences and inspires others to embrace their truest form. 

Whether she’s talking about sexuality, sisterhood, yoga, or veganism, her authenticity and commitment to creating safe spaces can immediately be felt when watching her videos. 

After discovering Mochizuki back in 2020, I was instantly fascinated with her goddess-like energy and spiritual elegance. Mochizuki quickly became a spiritual influence of mine, and I still implement her self-care advice to this day!

This lovely human shares truly wholesome content that motivates you to practice vulnerability and become the best version of yourself.

So, if you’re looking for some self-care tips or a little spiritual guidance, keep reading. I’ve listed some of my favorite healing routines, practices, and advice according to self proclaimed forest nymph, Hitomi Mochizuki.

Movement is medicine

Daily movement is extremely beneficial for emotional release. Get up, and let your body flow as naturally as possible. These movements don’t have to be complicated, rather it should be a form of free expression. 

Dancing to the tune of your own emotions is a beautifully liberating experience! The key is to connect to your body and let it take over. It’s even better to try this in nature in order to connect with the Earth’s energy.

If you’re having trouble, just start by shaking out your limbs. Muchuzuki recommends visualizing an energy ball of light between your hands and moving the light all around your body. Remember to focus on how these movements make your body feel, not how they look!

Breathwork: Pranayama

Breathwork can be a great way to balance your nervous system and connect the mind and body. On days where you’re looking for a simple, quick way to ground yourself, try this breathing exercise.

Savitri Pranayama is an ancient breathing technique that originates from older yogic practices in India. Sit down in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, begin to establish yourself, and focus on these three parts of the body: the tummy, the ribs, and the chest. Take a deep breath in, and exhale fully. Observe where you can feel your breath most strongly.

To begin Pranayama, start by inhaling for six seconds, hold that breath in for three seconds, exhale for six, and hold that breath out for three seconds. Repeat this sequence for as long as you wish. Even practicing this breathing awareness for five minutes a day can calm the mind!

Quotes & Affirmations


“That call, that voice, that thought that tells you to slow down, to sit still, to connect with yourself… listen. Finally honor the impulses that are urging you to bring more light in your life. You are worthy. Oftentimes we seek outside of ourselves to answer the questions of the soul…not realizing that they can only be answered from that same place. So take time to get still. Sit with a straight spine. Breathe into your tummy and just witness what is…say hello to yourself.”

“We only perceive our potential for peace as we’ve known it, but on the spiritual path there is no cap, every single day as you’re showing up to be the witnesser, you’re simultaneously creating an opportunity to feel more aligned that you ever have, to co-create with spirit, to reach new levels of knowing that will ripple out into every aspect of life.”

“Thank you for being so curious and open, courageous and vulnerable, on this journey through life we share. I am so proud of everyday that you rise and believe in the goodness of the here and now, even if those miracles seem mundane. Your power is returning back to you everytime you truly claim the moment you are in and the magic that  you are.”


I like to repeat mantras in the morning to set my intentions for the day, and to accept all the good vibes that are in store, but you can say these affirmations whenever you’d like! They’re a wonderful way to practice self-love.

“I am here to love.”

“I live fully now. I venture forward with clarity…I don’t compete with others, therefore no one can compete with me.”

“I believe in the collective healing taking place, may I be part of the miracle, may all beings everywhere be happy and free.”

“I take up space, and it’s a wonderful thing. I release the voice of judgment again and again until it becomes a whisper.”

“I am so fully myself that I inspire others to be themselves too.”

Absorbing the Earth’s energy

When you’re surrounded by nature, you’re surrounded by an abundance of energy and life. Mochizuki notes that everything around us, the plants, the trees, the grass, all has a spirit that is being impacted by our presence.

A great way to practice self-care out in the natural world is to take a barefoot stroll. This is a way to let go of any heavy emotions you’ve been holding in. You can release them to the Earth while absorbing its healing energies. 

Now when you’re out in nature, try and visualize the life force energy draping over you. Mochizuki recommends visualizing a tree’s aura blessing you with its energy. If you feel comfortable, try meditating by a tree or in your own spot of nature. 

Vocal toning

This is a natural way to release pent up tension in the body. Vocal toning is the practice of harmonizing vowel sounds with your voice. Yes, the vowels, as in a-e-i-o-u. It’s a simple form of sound therapy that you can easily integrate into your self-care routine!

You definitely don’t need a beautiful singing voice to use it for healing. It might feel a little strange at first, but all you need is your own sound and a safe spot. Mochizuki notes that getting comfortable with her voice has helped her to feel more embodied and confident when she speaks to others. 

Sound healing is commonly used to balance any energy that is out of line. Think of it like adjusting the tune of your aura!  After closing your eyes and centering yourself, take a deep breath, and exhale a vowel sound. You can stay with one vowel or try all five. Repeat as many times as you’d like and enjoy the benefits!

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