My Less Than Magical FDOC

So I’m back from a summer of crazy to tell everyone about the FDOC as a Senior. Y’all sit down because I have a story for you and get ya’ brooms cause it’s a mess, but I swear there's a point in all of it.

I have imagined what my senior year of college would be like since I was a little girl, but really since the first day I stepped foot on App’s campus. It was going to be magical! I was going to be my best self, go to the gym, have a dog, eat right, get married, have a job lined up where I would be saving the world, live in an apartment with my best friend and basically just live my best life. That's pretty much why I came to college, to save the world one day.


Okay, so part of it is actually how it happened. I eat pretty well and having Celiac helped me get the eating and the fit down. I am getting married to the greatest guy and I do live with my best friend (Maid of Honor now). But that’s about where the magic ended. No perfect house, not saving the world, but in the last 7 days I discovered something very important. I should probably give a little backstory first, though.

About a week ago, I moved into the Cottages thinking I was about to live in one of the nicest places in Boone with the sweetest girls. INCORRECT. So we get to move in, I’m the first one there and super excited for my new home. My bed wasn’t going to be there for three days after I moved in, but even that couldn’t rain on my senior year shine. Open the door and low and behold: the place was literally trashed. It looked like the Goat House from Blue Mountain State, honestly. The refrigerator was full of moldy food, the floors were nasty and covered in dried up liquor. There were even bags of trash and dead mice laying around.

It was an actual nightmare that only got worse. The office was so hard to get a hold of to even clean the house that we paid to be move in ready, which it obviously was not. The lovely situation increased later that week to discovering we had fleas that a subleaser's cat had brought in and infested our whole home. Like I said from the beginning, it was a damn mess y’all.

So fast forward through a week of scrubbing, vacuuming, pest controlling, normal back to school drama, new roommates, the usual stress of a long distance relationship, wedding planning and fleas to the first day of class.

I got up Tuesday looking forward to the promise of a new chapter in my life. The promise of the fast approaching end, but also the beginning of a lot of things. It was my first semester since I had found out I was sick and I knew I was going to kill it. Plus, it’s syllabus week, so I had that going for me. I got ready. I did my hair and makeup and if you know me, that’s a rare thing and took myself to class. I am feeling myself too let me tell you.

Up first was media graphics, which will arguably be the hardest class for me in all of college.  Day one and home girl whips out lecture notes and starts telling us about how class is canceled Thursday but we should all have our first assignment done by class time and we needed to download InDesign or come to campus to do it and how writers should stop complaining about design because it's the same thing. All of which took the whole hour and fifteen minutes to explain And I was sitting there like….

 Well, then I had to book it across campus (which wasn't the leisurely stroll I planned for) from Walker to Quinn to get to my Softball class because I just cant let go of those glory days sometimes and I need the competition. I barely made it in time, only to then find out the actual class will be held at the baseball field everyday. That is an even farther walk than Quinn. Then I find out if you’re late it counts as ½ an absence. 3 of those and you fail.  Needless to say, I was already dreading that unnecessary stress, but hey, gotta graduate on time, so here I am getting my Mom to ship my glove here and everything.

So I continue my day contemplating the chances of getting my tuition paid for if the bus didn't stop like it was supposed to hit me in the cross walk and trying to figure out why my apartment complex was so determined to not take care of a flea problem in one of their units. I realize when I go to eat my lunch that I forgot a fork so I had chips and a Kind bar.  I had to have all of my books for one class by Thursday, but the bookstore is out of said books. At this point, I’m honestly shooketh and I make it all the way through Research Methods to Interpersonal Communication. The professor tells us that 5 minutes before class until after we leave that it’s a technology free zone. I’m already ticking at this point, my phone is blowing up with my roommates group texting about the various issues in the house (I can name at least 6 major ones right now), my mom is texting me about if those issues are fixed, and my fiancé is texting me about his daily mess, but I stay strong and put it away without checking it. (A mistake I came back to 20 texts) Like I 100% get his reasoning but I wasn't having it today. We then had to pick a random person in the room and stare at them for 1 solid minute. In the eyes. I swear this has to be what Rhonda Rousey feels like because I straight felt like we were about to throw down in Walker 104. Please enjoy the actual footage of what that looked like below. 

The day finally ends. The last FDOC I’ll encounter. It was not magical it was not perfect but it was here. I did it. I made it through three years and I will be absolutely damned if I don’t make it through this one. As I’m writing this at the end of one of the longest weeks of my life, I am reflecting on college and how it’s changed me. There’s this quote that circulates the Internet every now and again that someone professor supposedly said one time that says “You all have a little bit of save the world in you. That’s why you’re here, in college. I want you to know that it’s okay if you only save one person, and it’s okay if that person is you.” Sometimes you just have to make sure that person is you. No matter how magical or un-magical your day was. We all have a little magic and save the world in us and it’s important to always remember to save yourself. So that's my FDOC picture, just trying to smile and remember what got me here in the first place. A little bit of save the world.