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Migos Came To Boone… Here’s What Happened

Last night was the night…. Migos was finally here. Trappalachian State would once again ride like the time someone stole an ambulance…Everyone put on their best Thottie clothes and jerseys and came out to convo for what was sure to be the best thing since Lil Wayne coming last year

Then the opener came out… I’m not going to lie… I couldn’t understand a word she said so I was just in the crowd like…but you know nothing could rain on the Migos hype….

But then suddenly she went off the stage and a hot minute went by and we realized Migos wasn’t coming on anytime soon…. 

So everyone basically sits around collectively lit in basically every way you can imagine a group of 4,000+ college students being lit….

Ok so finally the lights go off… this video of digital DJ Khalid comes on with him yelling (obviously) to get the crowd hyped up since it had been a hot minute since the opener… 

The crowd absolutely loses it’s mind when Higher We Go comes on…

Because we were all there for one thing…

Enter two Migos… Takeoff and Quavo… Obviously Offset would be out in a second so everyone is just looking around waiting for it…

But anyway they get it going start singing their songs all that… Well kind of singing it was basically the Quavo show because my mans Takeoff was having some technical issues…

But anyway we’re all vibing having a good time regardless… I mean it’s Migos…in Boone so obviously it’s lit no matter what they actually sounded like…

Even if it was the Mig *Pronounced like Meeg* rather than Migos… we were just living our best lives… for 45 minutes…

And then as quickly as they appeared… (wait that’s not how that happened either) They were done. 

Actual footage of App State students being pressed.

So ok we all go home a little pressed about the money we spent on tickets and the lack of Offset and the lack of you know… a concert…On the way home I passed this barage of police cars and dogs all pilled around one car and while sitting at the stop sign beside it I thought to myself “Trapstate back at it again…” went on my merry way… UNTIL I REALIZE WHAT I SAW…IT WAS THE MIGOS (2/3) ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD WITH THE LAW Y’ALL! I COULDN’T BE MORE SHOOK. Actual footage of what I looked like when I realized it wasn’t just some turnt students getting pulled over and saw my man Takeoff. So they didn’t actually get arrested but three of their entourage members were for possession charges. You can read that whole story here.

So Mig (IT WASN’T MIGOS OK? DON’T @ ME!) Came to Boone… late, had a short af concert, then their friends got arrested. So basically it was in true TrApp fashion. 

Regardless of anything else thought shout out to APPS for getting the Migos to come to our little school even if it was just the Mig (and I’ll probably never like them after this.) APPS is still giving us the best concerts and we will be eternally grateful for them always. 

So excuse me while I blast my girl Cardi B for the next three days in solidarity for our disappointment in the Migos. 







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