Making Your Apartment Look Chic on a Budget

Furnishing and decorating your apartment can get expensive, especially if your apartment comes unfurnished. Have no fear! You can make your apartment look totally chic and cute without breaking the bank. I had someone go into my room for the first time and say, "wow you got some expensive stuff in there" when in reality, I hardly spent anything. Here are some inexpensive home DIY projects that'll make it look like you spent a fortune:

Coffee Station:

With a tray from Kirkland’s for $15, a Keurig I already had, sugar jar from the dollar tree, mason jars for $5 from Wal-Mart, decorative straws from Target for $3, pictures for $5, you can make your own coffee station for only $28! Just add spoons and some cute mugs! 

Chalkboard Frame:

I found an old frame lying around my house but you can find them for cheap at any thrift-store. I busted the glass out and spray painted the frame. Using a piece of plywood, I got my dad to cut to the dimensions of the frame. Then I painted it with chalkboard paint and secured it in place.

Gallery Wall:


Gallery walls are great because they're a supper cute and inexpensive way to spice up your walls. I have one in my living room as well as my bedroom. To make your own gallery wall, you'll need picture frames, preferably different sizes. I got all of mine from the dollar tree. For the ones in my room, I spray-painted them white because they only come in black. I got a couple 8x10 frames, 4x6, and 5x7. I picked out some of my favorite prints from Pinterest, and printed them out using Snap Fish. Snap Fish has deals all the time so you can get your prints for super cheap. Both gallery walls cost me about $25.


Makeover Cheap Furniture:

Furniture can be expensive. Fortunately, Wal-Mart and IKEA sell furniture for ridiculously cheap prices and they're good quality items. Since I live nowhere near an IKEA, most of my furniture came from Wal-Mart. With a little makeover, you can make your cheap furniture look like a million bucks!

I got this writing desk, though I use it more as a make-up vanity than a desk, from Wal-Mart for $40. It only came in black so I painted it white. The drawer I painted pink and spray-painted the handle gold. Since I already had the white paint, I only had to buy the pink and gold spray-paint, which came out to be $10. 

This nightstand came from Wal-Mart for $36, which is deal considering the amount of storage it offers! To match the color scheme of my room, I decided to paint it pink with paint I got from Lowes. Lowes is great because you can bring in a swatch or sample of a color you want and they'll match it. I brought in a purse I had and they matched up the color perfectly! For the final touch I spray-painted the silver knobs gold, which matched the pink better. 

More Wal-Mart furniture! I got this dresser for $80. It was originally black, and came with four drawers. I decided to put it together myself because none of my friends were in town when I moved in. Unfortunately, I somehow misread the instructions and the top drawer busted into pieces. I looked on Pinterest for ideas on how to fix the issue and I decided to make a shelf where the drawer was supposed to be. I painted the dresser navy, then went to Lowes and got a piece of plywood. Again, Lowes is great because they'll cut the plywood for you for no charge! After painting the plywood, I slid it into place using screws. For the backsplash, I ordered a shelf-liner on Amazon for only $15 and I still have a ton leftover! All you have to do is stick it on the back of the dresser and you're done!

My roommate took some old lamps she had laying around her house. They were originally brown with white shades that had turned yellow from being so old. We spray painted the bottom blue and bought a shade from Target for $13. You would never think this lamp once looked like something you'd find at your grandma's house!

By taking an old wooden chair and spray-painting it, adding a decorative pillow and throw, you can create the cutest reading nook!

Photo Display:

I love having personal photos all around the apartment, so I tried to find some creative ways to display them. I got this frame at a local thrift-store for $10. With some string, a stapler, and mini-clothes pins, you can create a cute and creative way to showcase your photos!

Clipboard Frames:

I wanted to display some more of my favorite prints, and since frames can be expensive, I took some clipboards I got from the Dollar Tree and spray painted the top gold. Again, I used Snap Fish to print out my pictures, added some command strips to the backs of the boards, and there you go!
DIY Coasters:
This is such an easy and inexpensive project! We renovated the bathroom at my parent's house a couple of years ago so we had some old white tiles laying around. You can get them at Lowes though for just a couple cents. I also had a bunch of old scrapbook paper laying around so all I had to buy was some Mod Podge. To make these, cut out a piece of scrapbook paper so that it doesn't completely cover the tile. Cover it with Mod Podge and just let them dry!
Glitter Branches and Vases:
I originally made these as a Christmas decoration, but I liked them so much I kept them out. This is so cheap to make. I got the vases from Dollar Tree, and the glitter from Wal-Mart for $5. The branches were free because I found them laying around outside. I taped the vases and covered the bottom portion with Mod Podge. I dumped glitter around the vase and let it dry. With the branches I spray-painted them gold and then added a little Mod Podge throughout. All that was left to do was sprinkle the glitter!
Bar Chart:
This is one of my favorite DIY projects that I've done! I got the idea from Pinterest. Bar carts are really in right now because you can decorate them for holidays and parties. I got the cart from IKEA for $20. The bars came in silver so of course I spray-painted them gold. I wised up and let someone else put the cart together for me. Add some wine glasses and bottles and decorate it anyway you like! If you're not a big drinker, you can always make it a coffee bar.