A Letter to My Freshman Self

Dear Caroline,


Hey girl, how’s it going? I mean, I think I know, but I still think it’s polite to ask. It’s me - you! Four years in the future and in just a few weeks, I’ll be graduating. We’ll be graduating. This is getting a little confusing now, isn’t it?

I know things are hard right now. I know the world seems like a big scary place with so many people in it - and trust me, I still feel that way too. But don’t worry, things get better. A lot of things change once you catch up to where I’m at - I won’t tell you about all the hard parts, but the hard parts were what made me who I am today. They were important, and I know you can tough it out to see it through.

woman in black dress stands outside in front of a fence holding her graduation cap TinTin12 | Pixabay You’re going to meet so many incredible people, freshman Caroline, you don’t even know. You’re going to watch musicals with Rachel on your laptop sitting on the floor, join a sisterhood of incredible women in Phi Mu (I know right? I didn’t expect to be a sorority woman either), have a life-changing sleepover with Raney and Olivia while locking yourself out of your car in the process, and call your sisters every day. That last one surprised me too; after growing up with Lucy and Georgia, it’s hard to imagine us any other way than how close we are now.

You’re going to publish your writing, so don’t stop doing that. I believe in you, so don’t stop believing in the future me too. Who knows what future Caroline is up to now? I sure don’t. If she’s reading this another four years down the road, know that freshman and senior college Caroline still believe in you.

a crowd of people sitting at a graduation all wearing graduation caps Photo by Good Free Photos from Unsplash

Anyways. Freshman Caroline, you got this. College is a long way away from home, but you are capable. You made it this far, and you can’t stop now. There will be roadblocks. There will be detours. There will be long nights and fights and tears. But hey, I’m still here, right? So that has to count for something.

I’ve been writing letters for the past year, but not with myself. I think I’ll sign off by saying to my past self what I always write to my friends:


As always, keep it classy. Stay happy, healthy, and safe,



Senior Caroline