The Last Week of Senior Year as Told By Michael Scott

It is the last week of class...for some of us the last week of class ever (well of undergrad) and we have a lot of feelings. Some of them are emotions about leaving a place we've called home for the last four years... most of them are about how we're dead inside. So Michael Scott is here to help us feel all of our feelings. 


When all of the projects you put off in January because they were due during finals are actually due...


When you realize how much time you're about to spend with your group work "team" members...


When that same group decides that deadlines don't apply to them....


When you only have 10 days until graduation but can't celebrate because you have too much work


The mood for all exam review sessions


When your friends make you go out and you try and convince yourself that you still got it


When your class realizes that the final has twice as many chapters as you prepared for


​When your mom calls to check on you 


When someone asks what your plans after graduation are


Trying to balance sleep, school work and your senior bucket list is like...


When Freshman are talking about how easy (or difficult)  their finals are


Studying for that freshman course you knew would be a walk in the park

Basically just...

Actual footage of me running to the bar on LDOC

But we're almost there. Graduation is in the single digits days away from right now and honestly I couldn't be more ready for it if I tried. I'll be sad about leaving later because honestly I don't think I can emotionally process that right now and if I start crying I probably won't stop. Congrats seniors and good luck to everyone else.