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Korean Skincare

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Happy AAPI Month everyone! I’m so happy I was able to write this article and show you my favorite K-Beauty products. This month I will be celebrating my own Laotion heritage and all other AAPI cultures!

My Korean Skincare Favorites 

It’s official, Korean skincare brands have set the standard for what a healthy skincare routine looks like. 

If you’re caught up in the world of skincare, you’re probably familiar with how quickly products can go in and out of trend. Korean skincare products, however, are here to stay.

You might have already tried or heard of the popular ‘10 step routine’ or the creepily named ‘glass skin’ trend.

Recently, my Tik Tok feed has been flooded with women adopting Korean skincare routines while showing off their glowing skin, and spilling the truths about popular skincare habits in Korea (which don’t actually involve an insanely excessive amount of steps.)

From double cleansing to barrier creams, Korean skincare products focus on implementing plant-based ingredients and encourage gentle cleansing habits, far different from traditional routines in the US.

Much like every other college student, or fan of ‘simple’ beauty products, I’ve used Cerave religiously for the past few years. With little to no change using this regimen, seeing the results of a Korean skincare routine was enough to get me to purchase the first cleanser a google search recommended! This Korean cleanser completely changed the game for me, and I knew I had to discover other K-beauty favorites and develop a new routine.  

So what makes Korean skincare special? 

Plenty of US beauty products is actually banned in other countries for their harsh and toxic ingredients. From harmful chemicals in sunscreens to questionable parabens in lotions, it’s getting harder to trust western skincare companies to deliver safe and organic products. 

Korean skincare products focus on nourishing and soothing the skin, as opposed to western skin care’s emphasis on exfoliation. Here, I’ll make a few suggestions so you can implement more Korean skincare products in your routine!

For a Makeup Remover:

Try a cleansing oil. 

My favorite is Manyo’s Pure Cleansing Oil. This is THE cleanser I was mentioning earlier. It serves as a makeup remover as well! I know, makeup wipes and micellar water are probably your go-tos when taking off your makeup, but using a cleansing oil can help reduce irritation and lock in hydration. Traditional western makeup removers can actually strip your skin of its moisture and cause dryness, which can contribute to acne. Oil cleansers gently remove your makeup along with any dirt. Additionally, this K- Beauty product smells like citrus and tea tree heaven. I’ll never go back to western makeup removers! 

For Cleansers:

Try a Tea Tree-Based Face Wash

My top recommendation is definitely the Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser by COSRX. This Korean cleanser is gentle and effective. I actually use it during my nighttime routine directly after the cleansing oil. I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin’s glow and texture. Unlike pretty much all the other face wash products I’ve used, this one proved effective in clearing my skin and getting rid of stubborn acne. It will always be in my skincare regimen!

For SPF:

Try a mineral sunscreen.

A good SPF moisturizer is crucial to any skincare routine. Recently, I’ve been loving Dr. G’s Mild Up Sun+ Sunscreen.  This formula leaves no sticky residue or white cast. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and is 100% organic! It’s definitely a go-to sunscreen for me!

For Moisturizer

Try a barrier cream.

This might be my favorite product on the list. It’s Soon Jung’s 2x Barrier Intensive Cream, and you won’t regret purchasing it. With minimal ingredients, this product hydrates and soothes the skin in order to maintain its pH balance. Sunflower seed oil and shea butter are used in the mixture, keeping your skin soft and smooth. This cream is lightweight and feels so hydrating. I use it every other day in the morning and am absolutely obsessed!

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