Innisfree Face Masks - Worth a Try?

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There’s nothing nicer in this world than a little bit of self-pampering — truly. For me, that means a good night’s sleep, settling in next to my cat for an hour of reading, watching "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" (don’t tell anyone)…and face masks. Jump on the bandwagon, people, because there’s nothing more refreshing or trendy than skin care. Coming from a girl who doesn’t even like painting her nails, you can trust that I mean this quite sincerely.

Recently, I got the chance to try the Innisfree face mask, courtesy of Her Campus Survival Kits. Innisfree is a popular cosmetics company from Korea, a country with arguably the best beauty products and tips in the world. In Korea, skin care is a real science. I’ve tried quite a few products, but I usually stick to the simple stuff because one, I’m lazy and two, I need it to be fun.

You could say I was a little psyched when I got an Innisfree welcome kit. I saved it for a stressful day, and after a firm “I’m not sharing” to my sister, pulled it out of one of my drawers for a chance to de-stress.Image courtesy of Dianna Hughes

I went for the face mask. After all, it is one of my favorite parts of skincare. This is no 2000s rom-com mask, and by that I mean it’s not a slimy paste to smear all over your face and wait until it dries. This is a sheet mask, which means the serum is already packed into a face-shaped sheet that you just lay over your skin and let stick.

The Innisfree mask was refreshingly cool against my skin, and its automatically moisturizing qualities were a serious necessity in the really dry, cold mountain days. However, I hadn’t counted on how nice it was going to smell. Innisfree products are centered around green tea, which helps clear up acne and is also really gentle on your skin. It’s perfect after long day, and the delicate green tea smell is a calming bonus. After 20 minutes, I took it off and let my skin dry. I’m happy to say the results were pretty wonderful. My skin felt soft and hydrated, a result which lasted into the next day. On top of that, I really enjoyed the very natural feel of Innisfree, which I don’t really get with the other brands as much, due to its green tea element. It was super refreshing, which, after a long day of classes, is exactly what I need.

Overall? 10 out of 10. Do it for you. Seriously, this stuff is worth it. In the meantime, I'll be here, pampering myself with more Innisfree products.