Girl Boss: Corbin Bruton

Year: Senior, Graduating May 2016

Major: Advertising with a Creative Emphasis (Psych Minor)

Hometown: Sneads Ferry, NC

Relationship Status: Building My Empire 

Corbin’s Blog: Classy South Blog (


It didn’t take long for me to realize I picked the right seat in class when I sat beside Corbin Bruton. Corbin always comes to class with a smile on her face and always (I mean always) walks in wearing the trendiest outfits. Corbin runs the Classy South Blog, and as you might suspect, it is the perfect blend of boho chic and the classy south. Corbin is the essence of a college girl boss; this is your notice to keep your eye out for her for basically forever.

Fashion and lifestyle bloggers give me life, and I’ve always wanted to be a “cool blogger” so naturally I had to find out everything I could about Corbin and her blog, Classy South Blog. When I asked Corbin how she began, she said, “One night I was up really late looking through my favorite fashion blogs. Then I started thinking, well if they can do it – why can’t I? So I started a blog right then and there at around 2 a.m. I had NO idea what I was doing and didn’t think much of it or put much thought into it. I just thought it would be fun to have my own.”

Corbin told me, “I want my blog to be a place where people can come for inspiration on southern boho style and living kindly. I want my readers to be able to email me if they need encouragement on a hard day, or if they want advice on starting their own blog. My blog came about when I was struggling with losing most of my friends, and I needed to find a way to distract me from what was happening. In a way, it helped me find a community of women who understand me and have become some of my most genuine friends along the way. So if my blog could be a place where people can visit and feel inspired and understood, then that would be amazing.” If you can’t tell already, Corbin has a beautiful heart and soul, and her blog reflects it.

When Corbin isn’t using her spare time to blog, she enjoys reading, but reading is reserved for when she’s on the beach or heading off to bed.  “I spend a lot of time with my parents, so honestly in my spare time I like to be with them if I can,” Corbin said. She especially loves browsing antique shops with her parents.

Not only does Corbin run her own blog on top of being a college senior, but she also has rocked a few amazing internships; see where girl boss is coming from now? Corbin most recently interned with Moon & Lola, a jewelry company based in Apex, NC. She says, “I learned a lot about social media which was super helpful – but mostly I learned about having a voice that should be heard and valued. I think a lot of interns in general are scared to speak up or be decisive in an internship, and that was certainly not an option for me during this experience. I also wrote a post about a couple things I learned during this internship, so check that out here if you’d like!”

When asked why she loves Boone and App State, Corbin said, “Oh my gosh! There are too many reasons to list! I knew I wanted to go to Appalachian the minute I stepped foot on campus as an 8th grader. My parents never believed me, since it was so far away from my hometown. However as soon as that acceptance letter rolled in I knew I was meant for the mountains. The food here for one is AMAZING. You can honestly never run out of options for places to eat. I’m really going to miss being so close to the parkway as well, because that is the ultimate stress reliever after a tough week of classes.”

Any given weekend you can find Corbin out with her friends soaking in everything Boone has to offer. She said, “With my friends, you never know where we might end up. So I would love to say I have a typical night out in Boone, but I don’t think we have ever had the same night twice. It usually starts out at Portofino’s, one of our favorite places to go dancing, but then it ends up on my couch with a Hungry Howie’s pizza to each person.” If we’re being honest with ourselves, this how we really want the weekends to be.

Fast facts about Corbin:

Currently Reading: Beautiful You by Chuck Palahnuik

Favorite TV Show: South Park

Favorite Movie: Down To Earth (remake with Chris Rock)

Favorite Song: Forgot About Dre

Favorite Social Media: SNAPCHAT!! (@classysouthblog)

Dream Job: VP of Marketing for Kendra Scott

So, the next time your gallivanting around Boone or need fashion inspo, say “Hi” to Corbin!