Doing Valentines Day in A Long Distance Relationship

Valentines Day... You either hate it or love it. I've always been a huge fan of the romance of it all... well I was until my fiance and I went to colleges that were 3.5 hours away from each other. Valentines day in a long distance relationship is a special kind of horrible but don't fret because after 5 years of it I am here to tell you what to do to make it a little more bearable because I'm a firm believer that distance doesn't mean you skip Valentines day! 

1) Have a Galantines' Day Instead

Take a page from Leslie Knope and just get your favorite girls some good food or bad tv and enjoy the love that your friends bring to your life. It doesn't have to be all romance. Trust me on this one it's the best way to get over those long distance blues because sitting in your apartment alone is pretty much the worst option. I would highly recommend movies with strong female leads (so any movie with a female lead), Disney movies, and romantic comedies. 

2) Facetime over Takeout

I'm going to be honest this is a super easy and sweet way to still spend Valentines day together. Just get your favorite foods, prop up your phone and act like there's not hundreds of miles between the two of you. You can even dress up like you would if you were together! For extra fun start a movie or tv show at the same time and it's just like you're with them (sort of). But beware of the feels that come from realizing you aren't actually together. 

3) Send A Care PackageI did this my Freshman year and it was great. I filled it with homemade Valentines Day Snacks and letters and all kinds of other cliche things. It was the cutest. They're so easy to personalize too! You can do themes or states or just Valentines day puns! You can check our Pinterest page for ideas on those!

4) Have Valentines on Another Day

Look lets be real for a minute. February 14th is just another day on the calender until you make it Valentines Day. So use a night that you two can actually get together and make Valentines Day your own day. Who knows maybe it'll become a cute little tradition where you get to miss the ridiculous wait times at every restaurant within an hour radius. Sometimes you just have to work around your schedule like when Valentines day is on a Wednesday. Love your boo everyday anyway! 

5) Just go see them. ​Look I get it this list is great but nothing compares to seeing the person you love on a day that's dedicated to love...except for maybe puppies. So just go if you can and surprise them if you can. Because they'll open the door and freak out and you'll freak out and then you can kiss and eat good food and watch bad TV with your favorite person.  It'll go a little like this...

First you'll open the door and they'll be like...Then you'll get some food and settle on the couch for a binge watch session of your favorite show...

and then you'll go to bed knowing you're with the person who loves you and who you love and I promise you the drive is worth it. 

Good luck to all of my fellow Long Distance survivors next week! We got this, stay strong! If you have other suggestions for us let us know on our Twitter! We'll retweet you and add the best ones to the list!