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Call her Dr. Smiles: Meet Adrianna Castro

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at App State chapter.

Adrianna Castro

Year: Junior

Major: Biology with a chemistry minor

Hometown: Jacksonville, NC.

Relationship status: Taken


Since freshman year, Adrianna has been a part of Delta Delta Sigma, a pre-dental honors society on campus. Serving as secretary least year and president this year, Adrianna has been a leader in helping guide her fellow classmates through hands on activities in order to prepare for dental school. One of the perks of being a part of the dental club is gaining experience through the many volunteer opportunities that the club provides. One event the members participate in is called “Don’t Forget to Brush your Canines.” Adrianna takes part in the monthly trip to the Humane Society where they have the opportunity to brush the puppies’ teeth.

Not only does Adrianna have a passion for helping people with their smiles on the outside, but also with helping people with the inside. Every day she strives to give two strangers a compliment and her daily goal is to have a positive influence on other people’s lives.

Other ways she contributes to positivity around the Appalachian community is by her impactful presence within Appalachian’s UREC. She teaches six classes a week that are open to the public and was recently presented with the opportunity to become a cycle instructor for the womens basketball team during off-season conditioning. The most rewarding part of her job is knowing the reason that people come to take her classes is to feel better about themselves. Seeing the progress that regular attendees make is incredibly rewarding for her. Adrianna believes it is important to stay active and that the human body was built to handle a lot mentally, emotionally and physically. When people are able to channel that strength from the inside out, they truly radiate. By the time she graduates, Adrianna would like set up a group fitness class format that students regularly attend.

What drives Adrianna to her success may you ask? It all started with the inspiration she received from her mother, who is the face of her positivity throughout her childhood. At the time her parents got a divorce, her mom started working as a real-estate broker and many people expected her to fail; however, Adrianna’s mom ended up starting her own company that is now in the top percentile of successful realtors within the Jacksonville area. Watching her mother’s unyielding determination taught Adrianna so much about believing in yourself in order to achieve your goals.


Adrianna is quite an ambitious and kind-hearted individual. She would like the public to know that it may sound like she has her life together, but it takes setting up time to herself to make sure she is healthy before lifting others up.

On top of that, college can be overwhelming and consume you. It’s vital that you tap into a good support system and find friends who understand that aspect of your life. Most importantly, you must always believe in yourself even when it feels like everything is impossible.

Now nobody is perfect, but no wonder her relationship status is taken, sorry boys!