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After the flurries that fell on April Fool’s Day, we are finally entering Spring. Ah, yes, Spring. The season where the grass is greener, the flowers are in abundance, and people are playing spikeball or finding a good place to work on Sanford Mall. It’s a joyous season, regardless of the whole Daylight Savings transition making us lose an hour of sleep because it grants us the one thing that we need after a harsh and cold winter: sunlight.  [bf_image id="tcwb2w7kc6qws8vjv3qfsqh"] Coming out of this winter and still maintaining some form of sanity was incredibly challenging for me, and all I’ve wanted since winter started was something cheerful and uplifting. Between online classes and working from home, I had no reason to even step outside for even an ounce of sunshine. The lack of motivation that I had felt was truly astronomical. We all know that sunshine and warmer weather better our overall mood, and let me tell you, nothing is more uplifting than waking up knowing that it isn’t freezing outside - even if you live in an apartment with no windows like me. 

[bf_image id="kwhbk463hmqv4b32k2mj9hk"] With springtime comes actually seeing just how many people attend our school as everyone is on Sanford Mall trying to soak in the sun and the warm weather that we have missed for so many months. Working outside is one of those things that just makes it more enjoyable. Not only are you taking care of your mental health, but you are also being productive!  [bf_image id="rzq673crxq8fv6js9n8ssnj"] With being closer to Graduation and the end of another school year, the weekends matter so much more to me. With the cycle of school, work, club meetings, eating, sleeping, and the occasional relaxation that may arise in a given week, it is sometimes hard to make plans and break those cycles of productivity. So here is your reminder to get outside - go sit on Sanford Mall and do homework, go for a walk or a hike, go watch the sunrise or the sunset. Whether it be with friends or by yourself, make sure you stay safe and stay healthy! Mentally, physically, emotionally - break the cycle and take that much needed break in the outdoors! It will leave you feeling much more positive and happy than you may have thought!  [bf_image id="q6mkh1-hwqnc-5x0kr5"]

Erica Hoyer

App State '21

Senior Psychology Major with a Concentration in Educational Studies.
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