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  1. As fall begins, allow your mind to wander and elaborate during moments of beauty. These moments can be simple, like your morning coffee. Or grand; a glorious sunset. Absorb it all graciously.

  2. While you’re at it, absorb moments of peace with open arms. There will be uncertainty, there always is, but don’t skip over moments when you feel yourself start to breathe calmly again. These are so important during a season of changing.

  3. Time passes strangely. The summer and winter feel long, but fall is fleeting. Check off that fall to-do list! Don’t hold back. Fall is shorter than we think, so do all you ever hoped or planned (or saw in a balmy Disney channel Halloween movie). 

  4. Growth and contentment are linear. It is so, so possible for you to be full of joy about your life and still find soil to grow. 

  5. Never (and I really mean never) stop reminding yourself of how far you’ve come since the last time you felt a fall breeze sweep past. 

  6. Kick your shoes through the leaves every now and then. Feel the weight of your shoes and the leaves playful crunch in response. This is the only season for that, so embrace the youthful simplicity. 

  7. Forgive yourself for any fleeting summer decisions. They weren’t mistakes. I promise. 

  8. Exhale. 


A senior pursuing a degree in Literary Studies and having a good time doing it. When I'm not writing, you can often find me reading, playing guitar, sipping iced coffee, or wistfully exploring the parkway with a camera slung around my shoulder.
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