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5 Ways to Make Your Life Greener and Cheaper

There are many things that we as humans need to do to give back to the Earth. Although many faults lie with large corporations, there are plenty of things you can do to inspire the people around you to make the environment around you better. I know that many of the green choices that I make were all inspired by the people around me! Although some might think going green is more expensive, in the long run, it actually helps save more money! Here are some ways you can help make your planet and your wallet a greener place!

Reusable Ziploc bags save the day!

Whether you’re packing lunches or storing little items, we all end up using plastic Ziploc bags. I can speak from personal experience - I was packing my entire lunch for school in Ziploc bags. I tried to switch over to just using Tupperware, but for certain things like snacks and veggies, you want a good, classic Ziploc bag to store them. Luckily there are now reusable Ziploc bags that are not only nicer to the planet but also keep you from buying Ziploc bags every month. A good pack of reusable Ziploc bags costs around $20, whereas you might be spending around $8-10 a month on constantly getting plastic bags. Compare $20 for the year to around $100, and I know what I would pick … The only downside is that you have to wash them, but most can just be run through the dishwasher and they’re good to go! As someone who has used them, I can definitely say they’re worth the cost! 

Replace your light bulbs with LEDs!

Although LEDs look more expensive since they cost more than regular light bulbs, they ultimately cost less in the long run. Not only are they better for the environment, but they save you money by lasting much longer than regular light bulbs. Even though LEDs use less energy, they tend to actually be brighter than just regular light bulbs! Next time you’re in the store, make sure you look at these planet and money-saving lights!

Use old rags instead of paper towels!

You can use an old t-shirt you no longer wear or old wash towels that have seen better days to clean up messes! Instead of reaching for a paper towel, you can reach for one of these materials to help clean your house or dry some dishes. In my experience, it’s super easy to go through paper towels in an instant so, in the end, they end up costing you tons of money. A pack of paper towels can be up to $10 and if your household is anything like mine, we end up going through a pack once a month. You can save over $100 by just reusing some old cloth. 

Get some rechargeable batteries!

Most things we use nowadays are chargeable such as our phones and laptops. Why not add batteries to that list? Rechargeable batteries not only save you money from having to constantly purchase regular batteries, but they also keep disposable batteries out of landfills! You can buy them on sale and use them more often in the long run.

Get a cute water bottle!

This one has saved me hundreds of dollars. Plastic bottles cost way too much money and they take up space in the environment. Although you can recycle the bottles, it’s more important to reduce them first! You can get a nice, simple water bottle at pretty much any store. Make it cute to encourage you to carry it around everywhere, such as putting stickers of your favorite things all over it or even paint it! You save the earth, save tons of money, and look so much cuter! 

There are so many ways for us to save the planet. We can all make an impact, even if it doesn’t feel like it. These little things can go towards keeping your planet healthy and your bank account fuller. 

Hannah Minyard

App State '21

Hannah is a spunky-fun gal who is passionate about public education rights and wants to inform the public its importance. She also doesn't mind a quirky night in with her two dogs and rabbit.
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