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New Pop Artist for Summer Playlist Alert: Kaleigh Krause

New Single:  “Twisted//Mistake

“This song was inspired by heartbreak and the struggle to cope with losing someone who was once such a staple in your day-to-day life. The vital part about this song is its message that every emotional storm comes to an end and every person is capable of pulling through the heartbreak. Everyone has strength greater than they realize.”

-Kaleigh Krause

    Heartfelt and real lyrics with a catchy hook, Kaleigh, birth name Kaleigh Krause, takes us on an empowered journey of moving on and a refusal to continue to be taken for granted in her new single Twisted//Mistake. Her video’s visuals are just as empowering and quite stunning, taking home a Music California Video Viewer’s Choice Award for her song, Fading. Choice Some of the emotion behind the lyrics can be lost in sound production, but it is no mistake that the lyrics will touch everyone who is (or has) forgiving a guy for his foolishness, was disappointed and realize he was a “good-for-nothing brother” and does not deserve anymore of your most precious resource-time. Nothing lasts forever, and some people are only in our lives for a season–and that’s perfectly fine, and so will you be.  It is definitely a must-have in your playlist if you are trying to get over someone and find that strength, that necessary empowerment to bounce back.

About her:

Birthday:  December 3, 1998 in Los Angeles, California

Ethnicity:  French, Irish, Polish, German, Portuguese, British, and Native American

Occupation: Singer-songwriter and actress best known for her role on the hit NBC TV show, “The Good Place,” but she can be seen in ABC’s Speechless. She got her start in commercials and music videos. She currently attends college as an English major and does a variety of community service work.

If you enjoy the likes of Hey Violet, Alessia Cara, Madison Beer, Avril Lavigne, Hayley Kiyoko, or Kelsea Ballerini, listen to Kaleigh on Spotify and/or stream on YouTube.

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