Need a Pick Me Up?: Lift Your Spirits with this Music Group!

"Gather quickly out of darkness all the songs you know and throw them at the SUN before they melt like snow." -Langston Hughes

Suki Rae

     As soon as I heard the music of Suki Rae and Company, I immediately felt "Gospel" vibes. The music style is cheerful, instrumentals absolutely stunning (includes piano and flute), and Suki's vocals mesmerizing, giving off positive vibes for an instant boost of joy. After listening for a bit, I began clapping along, stomping my feet, doing little dances in my seat--I really felt like I was being taken to church back home in Louisiana. One could even go so far as to compare the feeling to one of a revival. If you need a pick me up song, Suki Rae and Company is where you'd want to turn. It is stated that Suki Rae is "an eternal seeker, a spiritual vagabond who's  mission is to channel the Divine," and after listening to a few songs, I don't doubt it. My spirits are noticeably lifted after listening to songs from their new album, Can't Stop Now.


What are other people saying about Suki Rae and Company's, Can't Stop Now:


"This ten track CD will certainly leave you wanting more...overall feel good type of music you'll want to keep playing over and will feel like you just left a revival.." Ed Wrobleski -Boston Free Radio

" Wholesome,enjoyable and uplifting...Suki Rae absolutely knocks it out of the park- you'll love every single song on her brand new album,"Can't Stop Now"...the writing is as sweet as the music- I highly recommend this as an innovative and fresh patchwork of creative musical art from a mature,eclectic and confident artist.." Jacob Aiden -TunedLoud! Magazine

"A powerhouse talent- Suki wrote music and lyrics and produced a truly beautiful album-she lends her stunning voice and seasoned skill on piano and flute...this album is so inspiring it will quickly become a favorite...once you listen you will be absolutely hooked..." -thebandcampdiaries

Invest a bit of time and give them a listen on Soundcloud, and follow them on Facebook,  Twitter, and YouTube for exciting updates and announcements! This is one artist and band you don't want to forget.