8 Benefits of Table Tennis

  1. Trains ConcentrationIn this age of social media, our attention spans have definitely decreased significantly.
  2. Increase your reflexes speedThey are not ready for my new attitude this 2018.
  3. Helps you develop tactical strategyWork smarter. Not harder.
  4. Keeps your brain sharpDon't lose your eye because you reacted too slowly.
  5. Is easy on the joints Age friendly!
  6. Relieves stressWe all could use a care-free night out. That doesn't involve killing brain cells.
  7. Offers a social outletA sport and recreational activity enjoyed my males and females? C'mon ... you gotta try it. #Singleactivities
  8. Helps you burn caloriesBurn calories in the legs, thighs, boobs, and gain muscle (physical and mental) at the same time!

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