5 Things You Should Do While In College

  1. Get a Passport.

    Why wait! They last for up to 10 years so get it now so you'll already have it, especially for when you get impromptu international opportunities!

  2. Have an original of your SS Card and your Birth certificate.

    If you're interested in a job, you'll probably want to have these on hand.

  3. Save up (for a car, first month's rent after college, emergencies, etc.)

    Time to be responsible! Especially if you're a senior, saving up for after college will help a ton! You'll be surprised how much saving at leasat $10 a week, bi-week or month will help you in the long run.   It adds up! Even the change! I recommend also investing in penny, nickels, dimes, etc. rollers! #GAMECHANGERS Start taking that change and storing it for hard times!

  4. Have an emergency credit card.

    Only get one if you know you're responsible and will only use it when necessary. I can't tell you how many times I wish I had a credit card on hand, especially when I could repay the money back immediately. You don't have to wait until the end of the month to make your payments! Build your credit by paying off your "loan" ASAP so as to not only essentially use "free money," but also come out of college with phenomenal credit. #AYEEE

  5. Make a habit of keeping your receipts #TAXREFUND

    ​Save your receipts to get cash back on school related purchases, medical expenses, etc. during tax refund season! Even $50 is better than nothing!

  6. Use your school's resources (traveling, internships, alumni directory/networking events, career center, etc.)

    Perfect time to travel and see the world, as well as use the little known resources to take advantage of the amazing opportunties just sitting and waiting for someone to take advantage of them! Plus, less competition!