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Each year, Her Campus American University celebrates five of the most accomplished women on campus at our highly-anticipated Women of the Year event gala. One woman is chosen from each school here on campus: the College of Arts and Sciences, the Kogod School of Business, the School of International Service, the School of Communications, and the School of Public Affairs.  Each woman is honored at a ceremony where they receive their award and have the opportunity to speak to event guests about their passions, past experiences, and life goals.   

Pictured is 2017 School of International Service Women of the Year honoree, Ammarah Rehman.

Women are nominated by their peers, and self-nominations are also accepted. Her Campus American chooses the women based on how they meet the following Women of the Year Pillars:

1. Great concern for social engagement within American University and local communities

2. Strong commitment to academics and application beyond the classroom

3. Willingness to share her understanding with the wider community

4. Drive to help other women by devoting time and energy to the progress of women

5. Consistently striving to be a trailblazer in the field she is most passionate about

Last year’s honorees included SOC’s Erin McGoff, Kogod’s Chyanna Antonio, CAS’ Lindsey Smith, SPA’s Lauren Beeslee, and SIS’ Ammarah Rehman.  


This year, we will be recognizing our five chosen women at a brunch held on campus on Sunday, April 15th. Past year’s events have been a celebration of empowerment, feminism, and community, and we are expecting this year to be no different. We’re honored to have this opportunity to recognize just some of the amazing women on our campus, and are looking forward to meeting our next chosen honorees. Don’t forget to nominate yourself or another remarkable woman in your life by April 1st!

Shannon is the former Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus American University. She is a Psychology major and is also a senior on the varsity swim team.
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