Where to Buy Cheap Internship Clothes

Buying professional clothes can be pricey and if you just landed your first job or internship. But it doesn't have to be. There are multiple, cheaper avenues to making a striking first impression in some trendy and job appropriate clothes. Here is a quick and comprehensive guide to purchasing professional clothes for cheap!

  1. 1. Target

    Target has seriously stepped up its game in the last few years. They went from selling tee shirts and socks to suit pieces. Dresses? Under $30. Pants? $25. Need a blazer but you don’t have $100? Literally $35 at Target - get one in every color. Most of their products are size inclusive as well, with many styles available in plus size. Also, it gives you another excuse to visit the new Target in Tenleytown.

  2. 2. JustFab

    If you love to dress super fashionably, this is the place for you. The clothes on this site are super trendy and modern but still affordable. Individual pieces range from $30-$50, so it is on the more expensive end for those of us whose bank accounts are lower than our grades. If you’re someone who needs to try on clothes (or impulse buys), JustFab has the easiest return process ever. They also have the most amazing shoe selection for any occasion.

  3. 3. Thrift Stores

    Want to save money and the environment? Wear second-hand clothes! Although thrift stores can be a hit or miss, with clothes that may not be appropriate for a job in downtown D.C., we do live in a city of professionals who donate their clothes when they don’t like them anymore. A thrift store is a great place to find a pair of heels, a blazer or a blouse. One downside is size inclusion, as you may find something super cute, but it doesn’t come in your size. A few popular thrift stores in D.C. include St. Alban’s in Cathedral Heights and 3 Por 10 Tienda in Columbia Heights. You may have to dedicate a few hours to find the perfect pieces, but you’ll end up with a unique look that doesn’t break the bank or the environment.

    A picture of clothes on racks at a clothing store
  4. 4. Shein

    Need really cheap clothes and a ton of variety? You might have heard of Shein for trendy tee shirts and fast fashion, but they also sell professional clothes at a low cost. The quality look of most items is almost indistinguishable from top brands, though you may feel a difference when wearing it. A few issues with Shein include size inclusivity, slow shipping and fast fashion often means unethical production. With that said, if $30 for a dress breaks the bank for you (we’ve all been there), Shein is your best option.

  5. 5. TJMaxx and Marshalls

    Sometimes, you just need to flip through a clothing rack and try a bunch of stuff on. We get it. TJMaxx and Marshalls can be hit or miss for professional clothes, though Marshalls usually has a higher quality selection. These stores are best if you work in a business casual office and don’t need to wear a whole suit to work. The clothes are marked way down from original prices, and it is always satisfying to see how much you’ve saved. Sizes vary because they are off-the-rack stores, but they generally carry XS-XXL.

  6. 6. Clearance Racks!

    Every college student needs to learn to go straight to the clearance racks. Yes, the clothes on display are cute, but your bank account is less cute. Clearance racks often carry clothes that were on display just a few weeks ago, and in the business world, trends don’t change rapidly. Express, Banana Republic, J.Crew and other working-woman stores may seem out of your price range, but the clearance racks may be discounted 30, 40 or 50 percent. Some stores, like Target, discount their clothes as much as 70 or 80 percent.

    Anna Schultz-Girl Looking Through Closet

Trying to build your professional wardrobe can be difficult, especially when you're a broke college student. There's no need to overspend on nice clothes, it just takes a little bit of digging around.

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Photos: Her Campus Media