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This Week In Pinterest

Here are some fun things on Pinterest this week: a little fashion, a little food, and some cute animals.

First up: puppies kissing. As if there’s anything cuter. This is a picture from one of Nylon magazine’s boards of Jimmy Fallon’s paradoy of the “strangers kissing for the first time” video that recently went viral. Personally, I like the puppies and kittens in Fallon’s video.  

Next, a picture from ELLE of the late designer L’Wren Scott in one of her beautiful gowns and a pair of amazing shoes in one of her past collections. Her death this week was a shock and quite sad. 

Next, and on a more cheerful note: these awesome dragon fruit bowls I saw on one of Lauren Conrad’s boards. They look way too pretty to eat. Also they remind me of warmer weather.. which I wish would hurry up and get here already!

Speaking of warmer weather..  to end here’s a cute pair of sandals I saw on Refinery 29 that I’d wear if spring and/or summer would grace us with its presence:

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Pinterest photos from ELLE, Nylon, Refinery 29, and Lauren Conrad boards


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