Unusual Self-Care Tips

​There are millions of ways to treat yourself to a nice day, but if you're super busy, you might be limiting your whole self-care routine. Totally understandable. Taking a little time out of each day to do something nice thing for yourself can expand your capacity for self-love. Without further ado, here are some great ways to take care of yourself.

1. Grooming

While shaving is not something women must do to feel beautiful or accepted by society, there is nothing wrong with shaving to feel clean or pretty. Treat yourself to a long shower while you give your body (specifically your legs) some attention. Having smooth legs and armpits is nice and a fun thing to do for yourself, even just to mix up since why-shave-winter will soon be on its way.

2. Sing in the shower

Speaking of showers! Did you know singing in the shower is good for your heart and reduces stress? Also, it’s great for a confidence boost or even just a little cheering up. So bust out a new dance number and let it out! Who cares if anyone hears? This is self-care time!

3. Take a walk

Walking is an underrated exercise! There’s nothing like enjoying the scenery while you walk, listening to music, or simply getting the exercise you need without straining your body. Walking is calming, and you can do it with a friend! It creates a great chance to talk something out or even just to get in rhythm with someone.

4. Go on an Insta-kindness spree

Social media is often called toxic, but it is a double-edged sword, because you can use it in a positive or negative way. But something fun to do is to go on your favorite social app and go on a kindness spree. Try to comment something nice on as many people on your feed’s posts as possible. Not only do you make other people smile, but when the liked comments and replies roll in, you’ll feel a wave of gratitude for yourself. Putting compliments out into the world is something that brightens your day and the other person’s day. Who says it can’t be encouraged on social media as well?

5. Do a diary entry

Yes, “Dear Diary” is cringy, but journaling can really make you feel better. It’s good to get write down feelings and emotions because it makes you aware of your feelings. Writing in a diary allows you to observe your own thoughts is a healthy way. Sometimes looking at another day's thoughts can make you laugh and it's a great way to get to know yourself and help heal anything that has been bothering you.

6. Music nap

What I call the “music nap” is when you lie down in your bed and just listen to music for a little while. Naps can mess with your sleep schedule but resting your eyes with some tunes can help you relax if you're stressed. It’s a great way to reconnect with yourself and your feelings. You can watch which songs you long to listen to and think about why. You can lose yourself in the music and find the peace you may really need.

7. Hydrate smart: throughout the day

Is it really a self-care article if I don’t mention drinking water? The real issue isn’t drinking or water but how frequent you drink water. Drinking a ton of water at once doesn’t help you hydrate. But drinking more water, just a little every hour or so, will truly help you stay healthy.

8. Hot beverages

Drinking hot tea or hot chocolate can make you feel warm inside and really boost your mood. It’s a real fact! A warm drink can actually make you feel as good as you do when there’s warm weather. Some tea is made to help you sleep and that can be a blessing. There’s caffeinated tea if you need a break from coffee but still want to be awake. You can switch to cocoa in the winter and still get that inner warmth with a little extra sweet to fight the chill.

9. Dress up

I’ve found dressing nicely on a bad day actually can improve my mood. During exams, I often dress the nicest all semester. That sounds counterintuitive. Usually, people bum it out during exams, but dressing nice can make you feel more confident walking into an exam. Also, friends and strangers can compliment you and help you notice that you are actually a queen who deserves to feel like one. So pull out your best outfit the next time your crown starts falling.

10. Use extra conditioner

Using a little extra conditioner not only makes pulling out knots easier, but it can help you fall in love with your hair more. Your hair is part of you and loving it is a part of loving you. Having softer hair may make you feel nicer, especially if you’re one of those people that plays with their hair when they are nervous. Also, it’s far easier to pull off casually running your hand through your hair if your hand doesn’t get stuck on the knots!


In the end, it’s up to you how you decide to stay in touch with your love for yourself. Taking steps towards doing more to care for yourself and your body will boost your mood and your self-esteem. Building yourself up for others is nice, but nothing feels better than knowing you genuinely have your own back and can make yourself feel better with a little trick. Maybe some of these will help you, or maybe you’ll discover something new for yourself. Whatever you do, try to do something nice for yourself, even if it’s something little, every day.


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