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Three TikTok recipe pages to check out during Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month is here, and a great way to celebrate and honor the culture is through food! Recipes are a beautiful way that heritage and tradition are passed down from generation to generation,but sometimes, it can be hard to find authentic recipes. Thanks to TikTok, finding Hispanic/Latinx cooks and recipes is just a search away. These are some creators who are sharing recipe videos that are the perfect way to celebrate this month, or just try something new!

I recently found Pizquita de Sal (@pizcitadesal) on TikTok. This page is one of my favorites because the focus is sharing Hispanic recipes with the younger generation, with a recipe every day that is dedicated to the creator’s children. Alongside this, the creator is also developing a series called “si sabo” which is dedicated to simple kitchen tasks, like cleaning a molcajete, the stone tool used for grinding up foods.

Pizquita de Sal features lots of dishes, including tinga, flautas, picadillo and so much more. I recently tried her recipe for arroz rojo or Spanish rice. It was super beginner (and apartment/dorm) friendly. It was flavorful and is the perfect dish if you are looking for something warm and filling. I make it every Sunday and use it throughout the week for lunch. Next, I want to try her recipe for strawberry horchata!

Another great creator is Suraya’s Kitchen (@surayaskitchen). Her page features both Mexican and Palestinian cuisine, and she also makes longer cooking videos for her YouTube. She has a great recipe for chipotle chicken empanadas that look delicious!

Her page also features some creative drinks that you can make your own. I am also obsessed with her desserts. She has a recipe for alfajores, traditional Argentinian cookies, that initially looks intimidating, but she takes you through every step.

Finally, we have Dahianna (@_cookingwitD). Dahianna’s videos feature a lot of traditional Caribbean foods, as she is Dominican. What I love about her content is that while a majority of her videos focus on the recipes, sometimes she’ll just cook a meal and talk about what that meal means to her. 

Her recipes can be more complex, maybe not super apartment or dorm-friendly, but she has a ton of content, so you can find something that fits your cooking style. She has a really creative cooking video sponsored by Pringles where she makes chicken tenders seasoned with Scorchin’ Cheddar Pringles.  

TikTok is an excellent resource for recipes in general, but especially if you are looking for authentic recipes from around the world. What I love most about these three creators is their passion for sharing their recipes and culture. All three respond to all sorts of questions and comments in their comment sections, making sure that all of their viewers feel comfortable and welcomed.

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