State Style Spring Break Bucket List

            Spring Break has different meanings to it, whether if it’s partying 24/7 in Daytona Beach in Florida or having a Grey’s Anatomy marathon at home, Spring Break means a break from school and a time to relax and do absolutely nothing (even though there are always those professors that assign work over break). Here are some US vacation spots and things to do you should consider if you don’t have plans or hope to have a better break next year.

Chicago, IL

            Want to explore a city with cheap flights? Come to the Windy City to see the skyscrapers and eat some hot dogs and pizza. Chicago has a variety of activities to do in all parts of the city from museums in the South Loop, seeing a Blackhawks hockey game, and shopping on Michigan Avenue. Warning though, bring some layers as it may be windy.

            Aspen, CO

            Are you more of a snow than sun person? Check out Aspen or other cities in Colorado. Besides hitting the slopes to ski or snowboard, explore the downtown area to shop at boutiques, dine at little hide away restaurants, and people watch for celebrities. If you can’t ski, there’s always tubing down the mountains or having a photo shoot to boost your social media likes.

            Naples, FL

            Do you prefer soaking up the sun but want to avoid the daily party scene? Naples is a quiet hidden beach on the Southwest side of Florida. It has white sand beaches, an old, but quaint downtown square, and lots of peace and quiet. Sit back and avoid the party scene, but prepare to be surrounded by lots of old people!

            Boston, MA

            Are you Irish but also enjoy people? Visit Boston over Spring Break as it falls under Saint Patrick’s Day, and there’s nothing like going to the city’s parade. Like Chicago, Boston is also a great city to explore its shops and museums filled with great people.

            Spring Break can be pricey depending on location, hotels, food, and other activities. However, with these cities, you can have just as much of a fun Spring Break. Just because you don’t go to a beach full of other college kids, doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun and relaxing vacation.

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