Spring Break Destinations for Midwesterners

Spring break is approaching quickly! If you don't have the budget to travel somewhere exotic, you still have some great options close to home!


1. Texas

We all know South Padre Island is the spring break destination of choice for many college students, but don't forget about Houston (which has beaches within an hour of the city!) or Dallas, a huge city to explore and enjoy!

2. Chicago

Lincoln, NE is only about eight hours away from Chi Town and all the museums, restaurants and entertainment it has to offer! Check out the Megabus that runs from several locations in Omaha and Lincoln to Chicago for a reasonable price!


3. Nashville

If you're willing to drive eleven hours, consider a trip to Nashville! Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame or see some live music.


4. The Twin Cities

Head up north and visit the Mall of America and the beautiful Twin Cities in Minnesota! It probably won't be much warmer but the sites and attractions will be so worth it!