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So You’re Stuck at AU for Spring Break…

So you’re stuck at school for spring break? Well, same.

There are two ways your break can end up. It will either end with your roommate finding you in your bed filled with food wrappers and finishing up the last episode of the sixth show you binge-watched this week, or you can make something of your time.

Here are some suggestions to make your spring break productive:

1. Clean your room. Like actually clean it, don’t just throw stuff into your drawers and say it’s clean. The weathers starting to warm up so you can finally switch out to your spring wardrobe and stow your chunky sweaters away.

2. Go to the gym! The snow has finally stopped and we’re getting some day where the weather is in the 50’s, so there are no more “It’s too cold out!” excuses. Start working on your beach bod for summer from now, or at least going to the gym for 30 minutes a day to work on your health, which we all neglect during the hectic midterm time.

3. Get a couple long-term projects started. It might seem annoying to spend your spring break doing homework, but whittling down your assignment list will feel great when finals come around and you already have an outline for your final paper.

4. Go for a walk! Although we’re expecting some rain this week, it should still be warm. Plan on avoiding the shuttle superloop and walk when you’re going to Tenleytown, or better yet: walk down Mass. Ave. and go to Dupont Circle for lunch. It’s only about a mile and a half and you can get some air outside of the stuffy room you’ve been in for the past few months.

5. Update your music! Take some time to look through all the stuff you’ve been wanting to listen to and finally download it. Or maybe even go to a show. There are always some low-key artists playing at the Rock and Roll Hotel or at the 930 Club that you probably haven’t heard about yet.

6. Try some new restaurants in D.C. You’re already stuck here for spring break, don’t subject yourself to crappy food while you’re stuck. Try out some new places. The city is sprawling with new places to try—especially in Dupont Circle and in Adams Morgan. If you’re the reading type, grab a good book and go to Tryst in Adams Morgan, where you can read while having a great coffee or lunch in a very hipster atmosphere.

7. Go shopping! The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City is my favorite. It’s huge and definitely has better deals than just going to Friendship Heights.

8. Be a tourist. Maybe go check out a few museums and really get to know your way around the city. We may live in D.C., but a lot of the times it feels like we’re so far away but you could realistically walk to Georgetown or even the monuments on a good day.

9. Look for jobs and internships. Might as well spend some time thinking about the summer. If you’re staying in the city and haven’t figured out your living situation yet—it’s time to! There are only so many apartments to stay at so try to find one soon and find the perfect internship to put on your resume. If you’re going home, then maybe try talking to some relatives or family friends to see if they know of any jobs or internships—connections are everything.


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