PULSE Fitness: Challenging Our Minds as Much as Our Bodies

Upon walking into PULSE House of Fitness, located in the epicenter of busy downtown DC, one feels as if they have entered their own workout fantasy. The amenities include free Compass Coffee, a SweetGreens outpost, and even an option to get your clothes dry cleaned while you are working out, all in addition to a sparkling clean bathroom and locker area.  

Located at 1401 New York Ave NW, PULSE is open every day of the week, and offers various building and climbing classes for different areas of the body. You have the option to focus on strength or metabolic conditioning. Classes that keep exercising both diverse and challenging; the Climb Room is also accompanied by a strength training room and an area to cool down post-workout. Deals and packages are offered as well; the first week of unlimited sessions is $60.

The class we had enrolled in, strikingly titled “Rhythm Bootcamp,” was only intimidating until we met our teacher, who greeted us with enthusiastic high-fives as we entered the workout room. Throughout the duration of the class, Shafer Minnick, owner and instructor, pushed us to challenge ourselves more and more with each exercise. 

We left the class feeling undoubtedly better and more empowered than when we started. The physical boundaries we broke also shattered mental ones; Minnick emphasized the fact that the only person keeping us from reaching our goals is ourselves, and that we must overcome our self-imposed doubt and fear. Certain exercises were conducted with the lights off, allowing the focus to be solely on our own performance rather than that of those around us. 

PULSE House of Fitness sets itself apart in that it places as much worth on positive attitude as physical exercise. It proves to be the perfect outlet for a college student. It is a place where you can unwind while maintaining a rewarding workout regimen, without being forced to compete with other people.  

The community that Shafer Minnick facilitates really does speak for itself. After class you can find him in the locker room, talking with participants about their mental and physical well-being. Despite it being our first class at PULSE, we were treated as though we had known the staff for years. But the most memorable takeaway was the motif of hope that was emphasized throughout our time there, leading to much more personal growth than was expected. The facility advertises itself as a “DC’s first and only body-confident fitness studio,” and the only thing stopping you from experiencing that, is yourself. 


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