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Yes, you can control your destiny…All through manifestation and the law of attraction. But what does this mean? Here’s your one stop shop for all things manifestation!

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation

We attract experiences and circumstances that are of the same frequency as our thoughts and beliefs. In other words, we attract what we think When you start to act like you already have something (trait, object, person, or feeling) you will start to believe it. And if you act like you already have it, it becomes your reality. 

It may sound crazy that you can control your life, but if you think about it, it makes sense. If you put out positive thoughts, your mindset, and energy change ultimately giving you back positive results. Or, vise versa with negative thoughts. Fake it until you make it!

Through the law of attraction and tools of manifestation, we can create the life we desire. Whether that is love, money, or happiness you are in control.

How To Manifest

The most important part of manifestation is your mindset. It is essential to have an open, relaxed, and positive mindset. It is also so important to believe that manifestation and the law of attraction works. Subconscious beliefs start to get involved negatively with a closed-off mind.

If it is your first time, start small. Begin manifesting a text from someone you know will respond. Do you ever have those moments where you are thinking about someone and they text you a few moments later? That is a perfect example of manifestation! You manifest in ways that you may not even realize already.

Aside from this guide, I also recommend exploring Tik Tokers. Here are some helpful accounts below:

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Methods of Manifestation


  • Write the person’s name three times, the intentions you have for the person six times, and what you want them to do or say nine times.

  • Why these numbers? The number three is significant because is it the direct link to the Source/Universe. Six represents the deepest strength we have within ourselves. Nine is in accordance with moving on from the past and helps release any feelings of self-doubt or negativity.

  • Whenever you are scripting, through this method or another, always believe that it will work. Focus on the feelings, intentions, and be specific. Doubt can take away from what you manifest.

Journaling and Scripting

  • After every manifestation or meditation, it is important to write what you are grateful for. Even though we are all working towards certain goals and manifesting-dreams, we are surrounded by abundance in the present moment. We are alive, we get to attend a university, the air we breathe, the sun we get to see; there is so much to be grateful for every day. It creates an open mindset to opportunities and the beauty in each day, especially on harder days.

  • Write a journal entry of your day as if what you want is already happening. Write in the present tense.

  • Write a letter to the universe thanking them for your manifestations in the present tense.

  • Complete your manifestations in a certain journal

  • Create a vision board of pictures to envision that life you want


  • Saying and writing down affirmations every day is a great way to improve your mindset and manifestations. Make sure to speak in the present tense. Here are some examples below

    • I am worthy of receiving my heart’s desire.​

    • I trust the universe and its goodness.​

    • I am loved.

    • I steer my life in the direction of my highest dreams.​

    • I am continually learning, growing, and evolving.​

    • What I seek is seeking me. I do not chase, I attract what I desire.

    • I radiate positivity, confidence, and kindness.

    • I am ready and excited for the abundance coming my way

    • I am grateful for another day

    • I am exactly where I need to be in life

  • As people, we have a certain aura and energy. While manifesting and entering the law of attraction, you are also creating an aura to yourself and others.


  • Meditation has immense health benefits and is a great way to manifest. Start by relaxing, clearing your mind, narrow your focus on your breath, open your mind, embrace gratitude, and manifest by envisioning it. End by letting go.

  • When you wake up, start your day with a quick meditation and affirmations. 

  • Before you go to sleep

    • We are closest to our subconscious mind before falling asleep. Play the scenes in your mind and really embrace how it makes you feel. 


  • This is a bit in connection to meditation, but throughout your day work on your mindset. Visualize yourself in the life you are attracting. What feelings does it invoke? Excitement? Gratitude? Happiness? How would it feel if you got the notification? How would it feel if you had that job? How would it feel if you reached a certain level of what you define as happiness? Essentially, fake it until you make it. Because what we attract becomes our reality. 

Let Go

  • Let go and trust the universe. It may sound so simple, but this is the hardest and most important part. When you let go and even almost forget, the universe will surprise you. Be patient and trust.

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Photo by Simon Rae from Unspash

Angel numbers

Have there ever been numbers you see at certain times or feel like they have a special meaning? These are angel numbers.

Angel numbers are repeating numbers that are signs from the universe, yes from the universe, to send us certain messages in specific moments. These are not coincidences. Each number is connected to a certain frequency that truly embodies a special meaning beyond the number. Angel numbers make you feel seen and heard.

When you see an angel number, focus on the present moment. What were you thinking about? Where are you? Accept the sign and embrace the feeling that the universe is guiding you. 

Sometimes I’ll see an angel number when I’m walking somewhere on the license plate of a car going by. Or I will have 111 unread emails. I’ll pick up my phone while listening to music and the time left in the song is 2:22. Once you start seeing them, they don’t stop.

Here are some angel numbers and their specific meanings

  • 111: Trust your gut and listen to your heart. You can turn your thoughts into reality.

  • 222: Take a balanced and peaceful approach in the current moment. Be in harmony and align with yourself and others. 

  • 333: Your spiritual guides are around you sending you love, support, and guidance. Despite fears and anxieties, you are on the right path. 

  • 444: Higher purpose. Angels are by your side and protect you in everything you do. 

  • 555: Something new is coming. Major changes are about to happen.

  • 666: It is time to reflect and wake up to your spiritual truth.

  • 777: Luck is on your side. You are on the right path and wonderful things are about to happen.

  • 888: Everything is falling into place and it is meant to be

  • 999: It’s time to let go of what’s no longer serving you

  • 123: You have support from the universe. Prepare to experience success when you step up and trust your life.

I hope my guide to manifestation and the law of attraction helps you while opening more paths to yourself and what you can attract. Every day, we are so worried about what other people think about us. Yet, YOU are in control of yourself. People are also most likely thinking about if we are thinking about them. You are all you have in the end and remember you are here for a reason. You are you. And no one else has that power.

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Gigi is a sophomore at American University majoring in Public Relations with a Political Science minor. She enjoys hiking, photography, and exploring DC and is excited to be a contributor to HerCampus!
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