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The Millennial Party

American University is known as one of the most politically active universities in the US. Students across the university are involved in local and national campaigns and count the days until they run for their own political office. In the words of Beyonce, the political ideology of AU is “to the left, to the left.” However, there is a rise of conservative students at AU that have shushed their opinions and constantly dodged the question “so, what are you?”  The Republican Party is known as the voting choice of an old white rich veteran males, but the party is now appealing to the fiscally conservative and socially liberal millennials.

However, is the Republican Party diverse? According to CNN contributor John Avlon, the GOP represents a greater depth of ethnic diversity amongst governors and senators than the democrats.   Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley are examples of the first Indian-American politicians in the US dedicated to changing the stigmatized image of the GOP. Attracting minority voters is a primary goal for the GOP 2016 candidate selection. Cuban-American Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Cuban-American Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Indian-American Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and African-American South Carolina Senator Tim Scott are all frontrunners for the 2016 presidential nomination flipping the image of a white GOP.

The American University chapter of College Republicans began the “I am a College Republican and…” campaign as a way to display the diversity within the party at American University politically, socially, and ethnically. Below are 13 of the best examples of the American College Republicans.




























Mireille Olivo is a senior at American University studying Public Communication with a minor in health promotion. She is a self-proclaimed southern belle, sunset enthusiast, avid rock climber, Quentin Tarantino fan, and smiler.  When she isn't writing for HCAU, y'all can find her giving tours or strolling alongside the Potomac river. After graduation, Mireille plans on pursuing a career in public relations for the political movement. 
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