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Lauren Crisler ’17: AU Women’s Basketball Star

Meet Lauren Crisler, a 19-year-old sophomore from North Wales, Pennsylvania. Not only is she pursuing a BS in finance and minor in economics, she is also a member of the Patriot League winning American University Women’s Basketball team! Lauren took the time to sit down with Her Campus AU to share a little about herself and the women’s basketball team.

Her Campus American University: Do you have any nicknames?

Lauren Crisler: Yep: Lo & LoLo are two of them.

HCAU: What would you say is your go-to fun fact?

LC: I am 6’2, yet the second shortest in my family of five! I have two younger brothers who are both now taller than me!

HCAU: When did you start playing basketball?

LC: I started playing basketball when I was in third grade.

HCAU: What got you into basketball?

LC: My parents both love the sport. My dad used to coach the recreational league teams I was on—it was something fun for us to do together. My mom played the sport for a long time and loved it. Their passion for the sport got you involved in it. When I was younger, I would always say that I was a tomboy and sporty. I just always wanted to be playing sports.

HCAU: What’s your favorite thing about playing for AU?

LC: My teammates. We always have a lot of fun, whether it’s on the court or in the locker room. We were very successful this year. When we are on the court we can get down to business and are very focused. Off the court, it is a totally different feeling. Laughing, making jokes, very light hearted and fun. We all get along very well.

HCAU: Do you have any superstitions?

LC: I have to wear the same pair of spandex and sports bra under my jersey for every game. Don’t worry, I wash it every time! That pair is set aside and I only wear it for games, never for practices.

HCAU: Any secrets or rituals the basketball team has that you can share with us?

LC: We always have catered pregame meals as a team. Also, once there is 10 minutes before we go out on the court for warmups, we play the same songs in a certain order in the locker room. Some people have dances that they do to the songs, and they have to do them before every game.

HCAU: What was your favorite thing about this season or the thing you are most proud of?

LC: Every year I watch the NCAA women’s basketball selection show, and this year, when our school logo came up on the screen and they announced who we were playing, it was a whole different feeling of pride for our school and our team and what we accomplished. That was probably my favorite moment. Winning the Patriot League championship and playing in the NCAA tournament was also incredible.

HCAU: Anything else you want to share with the Her Campus American readers?           

LC: If you are passionate about something, you should just embrace it and not hold back. Even [if] people say it will be too hard and too time consuming. If you care about it, it’s worth it.

Congrats to Lauren and the entire AU Women’s Basketball team! You had an incredible season and the entire AU community is proud of you! Go Eagles! 


Photo Credit: Stewart Small

Jessica Antopol is a sophomore in high school in New York City. She is still deciding what she wants to do with her life; though she knows she wants it to be related to journalism in some way. In her school, she is a noted poem and song writer. Both are always exceptionally unique and helpful in studying. Last year, a song, written by Jessica for her biology class, helped many of her classmates remember the information and is still remembered today. In addition to writing, Jessica is also an avid reader; averaging about two or so books a week. Jessica also considers herself a fashionista. She loves to shop, but even more so, she loves the style her friends! Jessica also has a strange love of cupcakes; she even had a party with the theme of cupcakes. Jessica says that there are three things that most easily sum up her life: 1) Harry Potter 2) Taylor Swift 3) Cupcakes
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