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Jessica Antopol

Jessica Antopol is a sophomore in high school in New York City. She is still deciding what she wants to do with her life; though she knows she wants it to be related to journalism in some way. In her school, she is a noted poem and song writer. Both are always exceptionally unique and helpful in studying. Last year, a song, written by Jessica for her biology class, helped many of her classmates remember the information and is still remembered today. In addition to writing, Jessica is also an avid reader; averaging about two or so books a week. Jessica also considers herself a fashionista. She loves to shop, but even more so, she loves the style her friends! Jessica also has a strange love of cupcakes; she even had a party with the theme of cupcakes. Jessica says that there are three things that most easily sum up her life: 1) Harry Potter 2) Taylor Swift 3) Cupcakes