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iPhone 11: Does It Live Up to Our Expectations?

Apple has announced the release of yet another iPhone, and as the Twitter trending page becomes less and less useful, this debrief will help you see the improvements Apple has made and if this new phone is really worth your time.

As the proud owner of an iPhone 8 Plus, I am very hopeful since I feel my phone already falling victim to Apple’s rumored curse of slowing down older phones to get people to buy new ones. So what makes this one different?

The Look

The iPhone 11’s dual camera immediately jumped out to me, as it is the main hardware change to the iPhone. Apple calls this their “Ultra Wide camera,” and its goal is to go beyond the traditional borders of the older cameras.

This plays off our society’s expectation that photos are the key to our memories, so expanding on them in any way is an important goal of Apple’s. This also helps Apple step up in the professional photography scene, a big competitive factor between them and rival companies.

The screen has improved to prevent cracking, and the phone can now go up to 2 meters down for 30 minutes, which is a big difference when compared to the iPhone XR. 

Also, the iPhone is offering a new array of colors that I am very excited for. This includes the usual black, white, and red, but also a green seafoam shade, purple, and yellow. (Personally, I’m going for the purple.)


The Tech

The photography is a key focus in this phone as Apple introduces Night Mode, which is a sort of night vision view, offering better photos in the dark. They’ve also enhanced older features like the portrait mode and a “smart HDR” (High Dynamic Range), which can put people into focus.

Video controls have been better developed further, which is something I need because editing one simple video on my phone can take 5 apps and 20 micro-transactions, only to have a download error at the end. Now users can filter, crop, and edit the length of videos easily from the photos application. 


The Price

The iPhone 11 can range from $699 for 64 GB of storage to $849 for 256 GB of storage. This price point is considerably lower than the iPhone X’s launch price, which started at $999 for 64 GB of storage and a staggering $1,149 for 256 GB of storage. 


Worth it?

Personally, if you are up for a new phone, I’d say get this one. It has all the improvements you’d want in a phone that can last you a long time if you treat it right.

However, I wouldn’t immediately go buy one if I have a perfectly functioning phone available to me. It has some cool changes, but with software updates that you can access from the older phones, this phone doesn’t have enough for me to suddenly purchase it.


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